The Isle of Evil Quest

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Mechanical Fishing Rod, Fan Doll of King Tibianus, 6,666 pontos de experiência, acesso à Isle of Evil e um item aleatório dos bosses Monstor, Boogey, Mephiles, Dirtbeard, Doctor Perhaps.
Vários locais. Início em Kazordoon, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png). Missões em Yalahar, Northport e Isle of Evil.
Você enfrentará:
Rats, Slimes, Smugglers, Bandits, Evil Sheeps, Infernal Frogs, Doom Deers, Killer Rabbits e outras criaturas.
Level: Premium: Dificuldade: Extras:
(Recomendado: 50)
Tick.png Médio
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Longa 2 jogadores
Rapanaio.gif Rapanaio parece um anão louco, mas na verdade ele está tentando evitar o fim do mundo!

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Equipamentos Requeridos

Método: Sendo contratado

Primeiramente, você precisa encontrar o NPC Rapanaio em Kazordoon. Ele mora numa pequena casa ao sul do Steamship.

  • Se você estiver em outra cidade e deseja chegar rapidamente sem seguir o caminho por Kazordoon, vá até Edron e peça para o capitão Seahorse levar você até Cormaya. Em Cormaya, siga esse caminho para chegar no navio a vapor:


Desça até o último andar e você encontrará o NPC Gurbasch. Peça para ele uma passagem até Kazordoon. Então, vá para o sul, suba o buraco com sua rope e vá para a direita:


  • Se você for até Kazordoon andando, ou já estiver na cidade, observe o mapa abaixo para chegar no NPC:


Pronto! Finalmente encontramos o NPC Rapanaio.

Agora, para trabalharmos pra ele, precisamos conversar com ele.


Jogador: hi

Rapanaio: Psht! Not that loud! Evil lurks everywhere.
Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: Mission you say? Well MY mission is to fight evil with every power at my disposal! Hm, perhaps you have it in you to join the fight.
Jogador: fight
Rapanaio: It is my calling to root out evil in all its forms and uphold the vigilant fight. It is a lonely fight, an unending fight, but someone has to do it! ...
Rapanaio: I scour ancient texts and collect rumours in taverns in order to track the machinations of evil. ...
Rapanaio: Often odd occurrences are overlooked by the public as strange coincidences or fate, but those who know what to look for see the foot prints of evil in history.
Jogador: evil
Rapanaio: Evil lurks everywhere. It only takes some ignorant or cowardly people to turn their heads away once too often for it to spread its ugly seeds. I, however, am constantly vigilant and always prepared. ...
Rapanaio: I hunt out the signs of evil everywhere. Even in the face of scorn and ridicule, I will not hide my head in the sand and I will be ready to fight!
Jogador: hunt
Rapanaio: It is my calling to root out evil in all its forms and uphold the vigilant fight. It is a lonely fight, an unending fight, but someone has to do it! ...
Rapanaio: I scour ancient texts and collect rumours in taverns in order to track the machinations of evil. ...
Rapanaio: Often odd occurrences are overlooked by the public as strange coincidences or fate, but those who know what to look for see the footprints of evil in history.
Jogador: ridicule
Rapanaio: Ignorance is evil's most potent ally. The servants of evil are plotting to keep us ignorant and poke ridicule at those who come too close to the truth.
Jogador: truth
Rapanaio: When I found that ancient text, warning of the Isle of Evil, I tried to tell the world about it. But the forces of evil discovered my plans! They made people assume it was just another tale for children. ...
Rapanaio: THEY distributed a book of children's bedtime stories with a copy of the text in it to undermine my message! Their despicable ruse worked and they made a laughing stock of me! Of course I knew it was a plot to discredit me. ...
Rapanaio: On the other hand, it was obvious that THEY now knew about me and the text I possessed. I went into hiding in fear of my life! THEY have tried to assassinate me! I must be constantly vigilant!
Jogador: isle of evil
Rapanaio: I KNOW it's out there! And I have proof! You see, I have constructed an evil-o-meter! It is an invention that locates places of great evil, such as the Ghostlands, the Plains of Havoc and the Edron Ruins. ...
Rapanaio: But then it registered another impulse. I tried my best to locate this impulse, believing it would probably point to another well known source of evil like the Hellgate. ...
Rapanaio: I was alarmed to realise that it was pointing to a remote isle that had been previously assumed to be uninhabited. I know that some horrendous evil lurks there. Some unspeakable horror, waiting to kill and devour unsuspecting travellers. ...
Rapanaio: I could not let that happen! So I did some research. Just as I was on the brink of giving up in desperation, I stumbled upon an ancient text that told of the Isle of Evil! ...
Rapanaio: Immediately, the nature of the threat I had discovered became alarmingly clear! All I needed was a hero and some transport. But would they listen?! NO! They laughed at me. Ignorance is Evil's helper! ...
Rapanaio: I still lack transport and a hero. Hmm .. seeing as I have no hero, you will have to do. What do you think? Are you willing to risk life and limb to save mankind? And womankind, of course?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: Although my instincts tell me to be wary of you, stranger, turning up so conveniently, I have no choice but to accept your help. ...

Rapanaio: Have a care! I have eyes like a hawk and am ever vigilant! If you even think about betraying me, I'll know! Well, I guess we had better talk about your first mission.

Muitos chamam ele de louco, mas ele diz saber de um grande mal que está tentando dominar o mundo, e ele vai pedir sua ajuda para impedi-lo.

  • Se você quiser, vá na sala a sua esquerda e clique no baú para pegar um papel. Nele você pode ler um pouco sobre a Isle of Evil.


Missão 1: Just A Fishing Trip

Vamos para nossa primeira missão!


Rapanaio: Have a care! I have eyes like a hawk and am ever vigilant! If you even think about betraying me, I'll know! Well, I guess we had better talk about your first mission.

Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: They say there's a positive side to everything! And in this case it is perfectly true! In order for you to reach the Isle of Evil and slay its unspeakable horrors we will first finish my latest invention! ...
Rapanaio: As you might have guessed I am a highly talented inventor. Still, even inventors sometimes need some kind of .. inspiration. I can't tell you too much about your next mission since our enemies might capture and torture you for information. ...
Rapanaio: I optimized my invention by studying fish. Suffice it to say, I need one further specimen to study to put the finishing touches on my machine. ...
Rapanaio: I am afraid I need a specific fish, of course, as an ordinary fish just won't do the trick. Actually it is not a real fish but a kind of machine with the likeness of a fish! ...
Rapanaio: Imagine what I could learn from such a fish! And imagine what harm could be done if this fish were to fall into the wrong hands! We must retrieve that fish! ...
Rapanaio: Apparently, the people in the city of Yalahar had a mechanical fish, fish which are essential for my research. ...
Rapanaio: Now those Yalahari are quite elusive and even if we could get in contact with one of them, buying a fish from them would surely cost a fortune which we don't posses. ...
Rapanaio: But my sources have informed me that some of these fish might have escaped into the local sewers! Based on my knowledge of the fish I have designed a mechanical fishing rod which you can use. ...
Rapanaio: You won't catch any other fish with it but without it you haven't a chance of catching a mechanical fish. You will need to use nails as bait. ...
Rapanaio: Well perhaps I should mention a minor, insignificant problem that might occur. ...
Rapanaio: Due to the metallic nature of the fishing rod there is the very remote possibility that you might get into contact with one of the electric eels thatalso live in the sewers. ...
Rapanaio: In which case you might feel a little tingle from a teency tiny electric shock. I can't tell what effect that might have on your health but you should probably be careful that you are not badly wounded while fishing. ...
Rapanaio: Hm, thinking about it, perhaps those eels are part of the evil plan to thwart our efforts, who knows? So are you ready for that mission?
Jogador: yes

Rapanaio: Great. Here is your fishing rod. Happy fishing. Don't return without the mechanical fish. Make sure you are not followed!.

Para isso, ele vai lhe entregar uma Mechanical Fishing Rod. Lembrando que você precisa de nails (pregos), que podem ser obtidos matando Damaged Worker Golems, Worker Golems ou War Golems, ou se preferir, pode comprá-los de outros jogadores.


  • Vá para Yalahar. Chegando lá, dirija-se até a entrada do esgoto no lado direito do depot da cidade.


É um pouquinho raro, então talvez você precise usar bastante pregos.

Às vezes você pode tomar um choque, e se transformar num skeleton, além de perder 35 de vida, então não se assuste!


  • Se você conseguir pescar um Mechanical Fish, vai aparecer uma mensagem na tela e seu peixe irá para a backpack.


Missão 2: A Potent Fuel


Rapanaio: Psht! Not that loud! Evil lurks everywhere.

Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: Have you caught the mechanical fish?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: Interesting, a most interesting construction. A marvel of science. While I try to figure out how it works you might as well continue with your next mission.
Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: The machines of the .. uhm my inventions need a potent fuel. I have run hundreds of tests and found that only the most potent rum makes the most powerful fuel ...
Rapanaio: I did have enough rum to make the trip but .. well, you know .. the lads came over to celebrate my birthday and we ended up .. uhm testing the fuel.. Damn that tasty rum! Well its a risk of the job when the fuel tastes that good ...
Rapanaio: However, we will need some new fuel. 10 vials of rum exactly. ...

Rapanaio: Remember it has to be vials because after we got drunk one of the lads wandered of with my funnel thinking it was hat. Only vials will fit into my machine.

Ele vai mandar você conseguir 10 vials de Rum como combustível para o projeto dele. Vale lembrar que ele só vai aceitar o rum em vials.

  • Nenhum NPC em Tibia vende Rum em vial, somente em frascos. Primeiramente, consiga 10 vials vazios. Você pode comprar em algumas cidades, mas geralmente eles vêm cheios de outros líquidos, como oil.

O melhor lugar para conseguir vial é em Edron, na NPC Sandra. Vá até ela e compre 10 vials de water e jogue fora a água.

Nota: Aproveite comprar 1 vial a mais para a próxima missão.


  • Após comprar os vials e jogar a água, navegue até Liberty Bay e vá até a Taverna do Lyonel, à Oeste do depot.
  • Ao chegar lá, procure por um rum cask e simplesmente use os 10 vials nele para enchê-los de rum.


Lembrando que deve ser 10 vials de rum!

Nota: Você pode conseguir vials de diversas formas, foi apenas dada uma dica rápida neste spoil.

Missão 3: Something Sweet


Rapanaio: Psht! Not that loud! Evil lurks everywhere.

Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: Do you have the rum .. erm the fuel with you?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: You did it! Ye Gods, what a temptation! But I will not give in! I will put it into the machine as soon as possible. Oh and if you happen to see a dwarf wearing a funnel, please ask him to return it to me. ...
Rapanaio: But now let's talk about your next mission.
Jogador: mission

Rapanaio: Now that we have the rum, I still desperately need a vial of fruit juice to keep things going. Just get me one so we can proceed.

Ele precisa urgentemente de um vial de Fruit Juice.

  • Aproveite que você já está na NPC Livielle e compre qualquer fruta, uma Banana é uma ótima escolha.


  • Você precisa também de um vial vazio. Se você não tiver um, pode comprar no NPC Shiantis, também em Venore. Compre um vial de oil e depois jogue o oil fora.
  • Para fazer seu suco de frutas, você deve ter todos os itens citados acima na sua backpack, então simplesmente use o Juice Squeezer na Banana, e automaticamente o seu vial vazio ficará como um vial de Fruit Juice.


Missão 4: The Technomancer's Machine


Rapanaio: Psht! Not that loud! Evil lurks everywhere.

Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: So you have brought me a vial of fruit juice?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: Ahhhh that juice was just what I needed. I haven't had any fruit juice for ages! You can't fight evil the whole day without allowing yourself a small treat! ...
Rapanaio: Though I bet it would have tasted better in a glass with one of those amusing umbrellas on top! But I don't blame you. ...
Rapanaio: I fear we hunters of evil must be content with the small pleasures life grants us. Now where were we? Oh, yes you are probably eager to learn about your next mission as part of our big plan!
Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: My invention is only as good as the engine that powers it. I need a high quality steam machine from the technomancers guild. You should ask my old mate Scutty about one. ...

Rapanaio: I have already sent him a request and some gold but chances are you will need to convince him somehow to lend us his precious machine.

Ele precisa de uma máquina a vapor poderosa e pede para você convencer seu velho amigo Scutty, na área de máquinas, perto do NPC Talphion.


  • Após encontrar Scutty, fale para ele o seguinte:
  • Hi
  • Machine
  • Yes
  • Yes


Scutty: Hi there.

Jogador: Machine
Scutty: So Rapanaio thinks I'd just hand out one of my greatest creations for a few coins of gold? Wrong! It works like this: you help me, then I'll help you. ...
Scutty: At the moment I'm tied up with an ongoing experiment and I could do with some help in a more mundane task. Are you in?
Jogador: yes
Scutty: Fine. As for the problem: you might know that we dwarfs sometimes use tamed rotworms to help dig our tunnels. Actually the worms we use are specially bred for that purpose. ...
Scutty: Though they are tame and docile they are still rotworms of course with their natural instincts. Recently some carrion worms dug their way into our drilling worm kennel. ...
Scutty: Though they pose no actual danger they cause our tame rotworms to panic and become agitated. ...
Scutty: If we leave this unchecked some of our worms might go feral and escape into the depths forever. Long story short, it's up to you to get rid of the carrion worms. Sadly, they are too cowardly to stay for a good fight. ...
Scutty: Instead I will lend you this hammer - the legendary'worm punisher'. Now hitting them with that hammer might teach them a lesson but it won't keep them away for long. ...
Scutty: Therefore you'll have to heat up the hammer on one of the ovens over there and hit a carrion worm while the hammer is still hot. That will make the silly beasts think they have hit a pocket of lava and they will retreat for good. ...
Scutty: I think if you scare off six of those beasts the rest will follow them. But DON'T hit any of the ordinary worms! ...
Scutty: If you scare them even more you will have to pay me 500 gold in compensation before I'll allow you to continue. ...
Scutty: As soon as you have scared away six of the carrion worms talk to me about the worms and I'll give you that machine. Do we have a deal?
Jogador: yes

Scutty: Good. Here is the 'Worm punisher'. Remember DO NOT hurt the drilling worms! If you do it will cost you 500 gold!
  • Ele dirá que só dinheiro não adianta. Para ele ajudar você, você terá que ajudá-lo.

Ele diz que os anões usam rotworms para ajudar na criação de túneis. Só que recentemente, Carrion Worms invadiram alguns túneis e estão deixando os rotworms agitados, para evitar que muitos deles fujam, ele vai te dar o lendário worm punisher. Com esse poderoso martelo, você poderá dar um jeito nesses Carrion Worms intrusos.


  • Com o seu worm punisher na backpack, entre na porta ao Sul. Você precisa usar o seu martelo nas crucible quando elas estiverem acesas. Então seu martelo ficará como a imagem abaixo.


Ele ficará assim durante apenas 10 segundos.

  • Você deve acertar 6 vezes somente os Carrion Worms quando o martelo estiver quente, se você acertar por engano os rotworms, você terá que pagar 500 gps para o Scutty e terá que começar de novo.
  • Observe que os rotworms e Carrion Worms aparecem e desaparecem muito rápido nos buracos, você precisa ser rápido e atento para não acertar os rotworms!
  • Quando você acertar um Carrion Worm, vai aparecer o seguinte:


  • Se você errar e acertar um dos preciosos rotworms do Scutty, vai aparecer uma mensagem como na imagem abaixo. Caso aconteça com você, vá até o Scutty e fale worm, ele vai pedir os 500 gps, então fale yes. Lembrando que você terá que acertar novamente mais 6 Carrion Worms, não importando quantos você acertou até agora.


  • Quando você acertar todos os 6 sem errar nenhuma vez, você irá completar sua missão e aparecerá a mensagem abaixo:
Achievement.gif Ao acertar os 6 Carrions Worms, você receberá o achievement "Worm Whacker".


  • Fale para Scutty mission. Ele irá entregar uma caixa com a máquina que Rapanaio quer. Se você quiser, pode guardar o worm punisher para você.


Scutty: Hi there.

Jogador: mission

Scutty: Finally! I could have shaved off and grown a new beard in the time it has taken you to complate that task. However, here is your machine. Now leave me alone, I have experiments to carry out.


  • Volte até Rapanaio e entregue a máquina.


Jogador: hi

Rapanaio: Psht! Not that loud! Evil lurks everywhere.
Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: Did you get the requested machine from Scutty?
Jogador: yes

Rapanaio: Ah, marvellous. That's the little beauty I was looking for. It will fit perfectly into my invention. Not much longer and we can start on our journey. However, I have another mission for you.

Missão 5: The Map to Evil


Jogador: mission

Rapanaio: The evil we are fighting has not chosen the Isle of Evil on a mere whim. Quite the contrary, it has shown strategic genius by selecting an isle surrounded by hidden reefs and treacherous waters. ...
Rapanaio: This serves not only to conceal it from prying eyes, but it also poses a serious threat to anyone who wants to travel there. ...
Rapanaio: The sea around that isle is as dangerous as the isle and its inhabitants themselves. ...
Rapanaio: Without a proper map we are doomed! Doomed, I tell you! ...
Rapanaio: I have found out that a ship from the Explorers' Society charted the sea around the isle some years ago, so they should have some decent maps of that area ...
Rapanaio: According to my sources, the map is now being kept at one of their northern outposts. It is somewhere north east of Carlin, in a hamlet on the coast. Get that map and we'll soon be on our way to vanquish evil! ...
Rapanaio: And be warned: if the servants of evil have learned about the map it means not only the map and the Explorers' Society are in grave danger but also you and your mission could be in peril. Trust no one. ...
Rapanaio: Don't accept gifts from strangers and don't hitchhike in strangers' wagons. Don't sit with your back to the door in a tavern and what the heck would you be doing in a tavern while on an urgent mission anyway? ...

Rapanaio: Rest assured in the unfortunate case of your death, you will be avenged. Well, only in the unlikely case that you die while on this mission, of course.

Ele diz que precisa de um mapa náutico para chegar com segurança na Isle of Evil. Ele também diz que há anos atrás, a Explorer Society mapeou a área onde a ilha fica. Por isso, ele pede que você procure pelo mapa na Explorer em Northport.

Chegando lá, encontre o NPC Mortimer, e fale nautical map.


Jogador: hi

Mortimer: Greetings, what can I do for you?
Jogador: nautical map
Mortimer: Now this is getting ridiculous. That map has been lying around, collecting dust for years and now after those madmen stole it, someone else shows up asking for it. ...
Mortimer: However, the map was completely useless because it only showed the waters around some remote piece of rock in the middle of the sea. We only stored it here for completeness. ...
Mortimer: Some days ago some wannabe pirates turned up and threatened to kill me if I did not give them a map. ...
Mortimer: As far as I could make out between their boasting and threatening they wanted to start out as pirates and thought it would be easier to start by stealing some maps before getting a whole ship. The only map I had here was that worthless nautical map. ...
Mortimer: Luckily enough they seemed to have no idea how to read such maps and were pleased to get a map with some water and lines on it. ...
Mortimer: So they took the map, but not before they had ruined the interior decorating and made me dance and sing pirate songs for them. ...
Mortimer: I tell you something: If you manage to find those bandits and teach them a lesson you can keep the map. It's worthless anyway. As far as I could make out their hideout is somewhere to the east. ...

Mortimer: They referred to it as 'the cave' and said the entrance is hidden. They also mentioned sand and two mossy stones. I hope that helps. I wish you luck.


Ele vai falar que há poucos dias atrás roubaram o mapa dele. Ele diz que os bandidos fizeram ele dançar e cantar cantigas de piratas, após isso, eles fugiram. Além disso, ele disse que os tais bandidos foram para o Leste e ouviu algo sobre uma "caverna secreta", entre duas pedras em uma parte com areia.

  • Vá para o Leste. Você verá uma pequena praia. Use sua shovel entre as duas pedras, um buraco irá aparecer, desça nele.



  • Simplesmente clique no baú e pegue seu mapa.



Jogador: hi

Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: Hmm, what fine maps those explorers draw. Wouldn't it be a cunning idea to tattoo it on your back where evil would least expect to find it! I guess with a nail from my workshop and a bucket of old ship paint I could improvise that. ...

Rapanaio: On the other hand the forces of evil probably know all too well that I am cunning, so I have to surprise them with the unexpected! I'll just hide it in my beard! There we go. Now lets talk about our final mission.

Missão 6: The Secret


Jogador: mission

Rapanaio: While you were getting the map I put the finishing touches on our vessel. The machine works fine and with the improvements I have made, it should enable us to brave the seas to reach our destination. ...

Rapanaio: Meet me downstairs where you will learn more about our secret weapon.

Ele vai falar que, enquanto você procurava o mapa, ele fazia os ajustes finais na invenção dele. Então ele pede para você encontrar ele na sala abaixo.


  • Após descer, você irá encontrar Rapanaio em sua grande invenção! Um incrível submarino. Com essa grande invenção, você poderá ir até a Isle of Evil sem ninguém notar sua presença.


  • Rapanaio tenta esconder, mas está com medo de ir até a ilha. Você terá que falar 8 vezes yes para finalmente ir até a ilha.

A sua missão está completa, fale com Rapanaio na ilha para a próxima missão!


Jogador: mission

Rapanaio: Hello, my friend, what took you so long? Some sightseeing in my cavern, perhaps? You did not even notice me when I passed you in the cavern earlier. Tsk, you really should be more alert if you value your life. ...
Rapanaio: This here is my secret. An underwater boat! Evil will not even see us coming! I hope you are prepared for a big battle on that isle! If not, you had better go and get some additional resources and then return. So, do you feel ready for our trip?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: You are aware that this could mean your death? I mean the evil is probably overpowering and .. and I will not be able to help you. I will have to stay with the boat to ensure the fight goes on even if you die. So, do you still think it is a good idea?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: Now seriously, we .. I mean, you don't have to do this! I would not blame you at all. You probably have plans for your future which don't contain being chained up in some madman's dungeon for the rest of your life, being cruelly tortured. ...
Rapanaio: Do you really want to take the risk upon yourself?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: Are you absolutely sure?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: Honestly?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: This is your last chance - do you really want to do this?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: Well .. I guess then it is time for us to depart, right?
Jogador: yes
Rapanaio: I really hope I won't regret what you are doing here. Uhm, I mean I hope that we will not regret what we are doing, of course. We had better talk about your future mission when we arrive. So .. shall we really depart?
Jogador: yes

Rapanaio: So be it!

Mission 7: The Master of Evil


Jogador: mission
Rapanaio: Now that we have arrived you should waste no time and fight your way to the lair of evil and destroy its master before it's too late!
  • Suba um andar no submarino e encontre Rapanaio.

Fale para ele mission. Ele vai falar que você não deve perder tempo e ir rapidamente até o lar do "mal" e destruir seu mestre.

  • Vá para o Leste, seguindo o mapa abaixo.


  • Suba a escada e vá para o Norte. Você irá ver a entrada do castelo. No lado direito há uma alavanca, mas não puxe ela!


  • Entre no castelo e siga o caminho até achar uma escada. Em cada andar do castelo há um boss, quando você matar ele, dê "use" no corpo dele para conseguir um item.

No primeiro andar você irá enfrentar Mad Scientists, Zombies e o boss Doctor Perhaps. Não esqueça de dar "use" no corpo dele!





  • Suba a escada. Você irá encontrar Gargoyles e o boss Monstor. Não esqueça de dar "use" no corpo dele!


  • Finalmente no último andar do castelo você irá enfrentar o tão temido Evil Mastermind! Relaxe, ele é fraco, mas sumona Vampires. Quando você matar ele, dê use no corpo dele para ganhar a recompensa final, um Fan Club Membership Card.


  • Volte até o NPC Rapanaio e fale mission. Ele vai agradecer sua ajuda e dizer que o mundo está a salvo.

Além disso, ele vai falar para você ir até o King Tibianus e entregar o Fan Club Membership Card, e talvez você ganhe alguma recompensa.

  • Fale back para Rapanaio para sair da ilha. Você pode voltar lá quando quiser, mas não irá mais ganhar itens dos bosses.


Jogador: mission

Rapanaio: You made it?! Uhm, I mean of course you did! We did it! We have slain the master of all evil! The world will be a happier place from now on, thanks to our efforts. ...
Rapanaio: Concerning this membership card you have found, I think you should take it to King Tibianus, perhaps you will get a reward! Well, nothing stopping us going back, now, eh?
Jogador: back
Rapanaio: Time to leave this unfriendly place, eh? So are you ready to depart?
Jogador: yes

Rapanaio: I thought you were going to stay here forever. Let's go.
  • Vá até o castelo de Thais e fale com o King Tibianus. Entregue o Fan Club Membership Card. Ele irá dizer que você é o seu maior fã, e como gratidão irá lhe dar um Fan Doll of King Tibianus e 6666 pontos de experiência.
Achievement.gif Após completar a quest, você receberá o achievement "King Tibianus Fan".


King Tibianus.gif
Jogador: hail king

King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject jogador.
Jogador: fan club membership card
King Tibianus: Ah, A fan club premium membership card! You must be that intelligent fellow who wrote me all those flattering letters! Nice to finally meet my greatest admirer in person. Here, take this little token of appreciation. ...

King Tibianus: And now if you will excuse me, I have to attend urgent matters of state.


Dependendo da sua sorte, você poderá obter os seguintes itens dos bosses encontrados no castelo: