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Robert.gif NPC Robert
Este NPC é Comerciante de Armas, Comerciante de Armaduras, Arqueiro
Jogador: hi

Robert: Hello, Player! Nice to see you, welcome to my weapon shop.
Jogador: name
Robert: My name is Robert.
Jogador: job
Robert: I am responsible for the trade with weapons and armor here in the arena. I constantly beg my superior Bertha to give me some other job or, even better, to send me back to Carlin but the cold seems to have frozen her heart.
Jogador: weapon
Robert: I have many weapons to offer, including bows, crossbows and ammunition. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Jogador: armor
Robert: I am selling leather, chain, and brass armor. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Jogador: legs
Robert: I am selling chain legs. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Jogador: mission ou task
Robert: No, I don't have anything to do for you.
Jogador: king
Robert: I heard they have a king in Thais.
Jogador: queen
Robert: If only our beloved queen would know what dangers we have to face here. I am sure she would call us back to the safety of Carlin.
Jogador: gods
Robert: I daily pray to the gods to protect me from harm. I still believe in a wonder to come which will get me back to Carlin.
Jogador: druids
Robert: If there were some more druids around with all their awesome healing powers, I'd feel more comfortable.
Jogador: shamans
Robert: They are the local witch doctors. I'd rather wait for the rare visit of a druid from Carlin than to put my life in the hands of one of those people.
Jogador: Ferumbras
Robert: Shush! Don't speak that name aloud. It might call him here.
Jogador: Excalibug
Robert: Sorry, I think we are out of stock.
Jogador: news
Robert: The good news are: I got not killed by some drunken barbarian or unskilled axe thrower. The bad news are: I am still stranded here.
Jogador: offer
Robert: My offers are weapons, ammunition, armors, helmets, legs, and shields. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a {trade}.
Jogador: Carlin
Robert: Oh sweet Carlin, when will I see you again?
Jogador: Edron
Robert: Edron is in the other end of the world. I wish I were there.
Jogador: Port Hope
Robert: Port Hope and its cannibal orcs is almost as bad as Svargrond.
Jogador: Thais
Robert: Even Thais could not be worse than this frozen hell hole here.
Jogador: Venore
Robert: Jessica says they have agents everywhere. I wonder if they try to kill me to hinder our trade here ...
Robert: Since the day I spoke with Jessica, I sleep under my bed, just to be on the safe side.
Jogador: Svargrond
Robert: Sure it looks peaceful, but to be honest, those wild barbarians are scary.
Jogador: dwarf
Robert: You know, I thought dwarfs were rude drunkards. However, that was before I met the people here.
Jogador: elf
Robert: Elves are strange creatures. I heard each of them can cast spells and curses. Every time an elf is looking in my direction, it gives me shivers.
Jogador: chakoya
Robert: For all I heard, the palisades won't stop them when they come at night to kidnap sleeping people and to eat them alive.
Jogador: yeti
Robert: Yetis are huge, but perfectly camouflaged in the snow. They attack out of nowhere and before you can scream you are dead.
Jogador: cult
Robert: I don't know what you mean.
Jogador: jarl
Robert: The local jarl is a fine man, measured by local standards that is. Still he can't bring me back from the dead when some of the barbarians go berserk and kill me.
Jogador: raiders
Robert: The raiders are even wilder and, well ... more barbaric than the local barbarians. Can you imagine?!
Jogador: mines
Robert: The mines are lost. If only the people in Carlin were to accept that and call us back.
Jogador: Chyll
Robert: That is some spirit the barbarians seem to fear.
Jogador: Nibelor
Robert: It's a haunted isle where the shamans call spirits and such to our world.
Jogador: Years of Serpents
Robert: If those sea serpents had not vanished, I could still sit in the warm and safe Carlin. Cursed serpents.
Jogador: how are you?
Robert: Oh, don't even ask.
Jogador: rumours
Robert: Have you talked to Thorwulf yet?? Be careful, I heard that he killed an experienced fighter in one hit just because he was called a coward after rejecting a challenge. I myself don't even dare to look in his eyes. Jogador: bye

Robert: Good bye, Player.
Robert.gif NPC Robert
Este NPC é Comerciante de Armas, Comerciante de Armaduras, Arqueiro
Localização: Svargrond, norte da cidade um andar acima, atrás da Arena, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 8.0 (26 de junho de 2007)
Notas: Robert não gosta de seu trabalho e deseja Bertha, sua superior, ele quer trabalhar em outra profissão ou voltar para sua casa em Carlin.
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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Arrow Arrow.gif3 gp
Axe Axe.gif20 gp
Battle Axe Battle Axe.gif235 gp
Battle Hammer Battle Hammer.gif350 gp
Bolt Bolt.gif4 gp
Bone Sword Bone Sword.gif75 gp
Bow Guardcatcher.gif400 gp
Brass Armor Brass Armor.gif450 gp
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet.gif120 gp
Brass Legs Brass Legs.gif195 gp
Brass Shield Brass Shield.gif65 gp
Carlin Sword Carlin Sword.gif473 gp
Chain Armor Chain Armor.gif200 gp
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet.gif52 gp
Chain Legs Chain Legs.gif80 gp
Club Club.gif5 gp
Coat Coat.gif8 gp
Crimson Sword Crimson Sword.gif610 gp
Crossbow Crossbow.gif500 gp
Crowbar Crowbar.gif260 gp
Crystalline Arrow Crystalline Arrow.gif20 gp
Dagger Dagger.gif5 gp
Doublet Doublet.gif16 gp
Dwarven Shield Dwarven Shield.gif500 gp
Drill Bolt Drill Bolt.gif12 gp
Earth Arrow Earth Arrow.gif5 gp
Envenomed Arrow Envenomed Arrow.gif12 gp
Exercise Axe Exercise Axe.gif262 500 gp
Exercise Bow Exercise Bow.gif262 500 gp
Exercise Club Exercise Club.gif262 500 gp
Exercise Sword Exercise Sword.gif262 500 gp
Flaming Arrow Flaming Arrow.gif5 gp
Flash Arrow Flash Arrow.gif5 gp
Hand Axe Hand Axe.gif8 gp
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet.gif390 gp
Jacket Jacket.gif12 gp
Leather Armor Leather Armor.gif35 gp
Leather Boots Leather Boots.gif10 gp
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet.gif12 gp
Leather Legs Leather Legs.gif10 gp
Longsword Longsword.gif160 gp
Mace Mace.gif90 gp
Morning Star Morning Star.gif430 gp
Onyx Arrow Onyx Arrow.gif7 gp
Piercing Bolt Piercing Bolt.gif5 gp
Plate Armor Plate Armor.gif1 200 gp
Plate Shield Plate Shield.gif125 gp
Power Bolt Power Bolt.gif7 gp
Prismatic Bolt Prismatic Bolt.gif20 gp
Rapier Rapier.gif15 gp
Royal Spear Royal Spear.gif15 gp
Sabre Sabre.gif35 gp
Scale Armor Scale Armor.gif260 gp
Shiver Arrow Shiver Arrow.gif5 gp
Short Sword Short Sword.gif26 gp
Sickle Sickle.gif7 gp
Sniper Arrow Sniper Arrow.gif5 gp
Soldier Helmet Soldier Helmet.gif110 gp
Spear Spear.gif9 gp
Spike Sword Spike Sword.gif8 000 gp
Steel Helmet Steel Helmet.gif580 gp
Steel Shield Steel Shield.gif240 gp
Studded Armor Studded Armor.gif90 gp
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet.gif63 gp
Studded Legs Studded Legs.gif50 gp
Studded Shield Studded Shield.gif50 gp
Sword Sword.gif85 gp
Tarsal Arrow Tarsal Arrow.gif6 gp
Throwing Knife Throwing Knife.gif25 gp
Throwing Star Throwing Star.gif42 gp
Two Handed Sword Two Handed Sword.gif950 gp
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet.gif265 gp
Viking Shield Viking Shield.gif260 gp
Vortex Bolt Vortex Bolt.gif6 gp
War Hammer War Hammer.gif10 000 gp
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield.gif15 gp
Item Valor
Axe Axe.gif7 gp
Battle Axe Battle Axe.gif80 gp
Battle Hammer Battle Hammer.gif120 gp
Battle Shield Battle Shield.gif95 gp
Bone Club Bone Club.gif5 gp
Bone Sword Bone Sword.gif20 gp
Bow Guardcatcher.gif100 gp
Brass Armor Brass Armor.gif150 gp
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet.gif30 gp
Brass Legs Brass Legs.gif49 gp
Brass Shield Brass Shield.gif25 gp
Carlin Sword Carlin Sword.gif118 gp
Chain Armor Chain Armor.gif70 gp
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet.gif17 gp
Chain Legs Chain Legs.gif25 gp
Club Club.gif1 gp
Coat Coat.gif1 gp
Copper Shield Copper Shield.gif50 gp
Crossbow Crossbow.gif120 gp
Crowbar Crowbar.gif50 gp
Dagger Dagger.gif2 gp
Double Axe Double Axe.gif260 gp
Doublet Doublet.gif3 gp
Dwarven Shield Dwarven Shield.gif100 gp
Fire Sword Fire Sword.gif1 000 gp
Halberd Halberd.gif400 gp
Hand Axe Hand Axe.gif4 gp
Hatchet Hatchet.gif25 gp
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet.gif150 gp
Jacket Jacket.gif1 gp
Katana Katana.gif35 gp
Leather Armor Leather Armor.gif12 gp
Leather Boots Leather Boots.gif2 gp
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet.gif4 gp
Leather Legs Leather Legs.gif9 gp
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet.gif22 gp
Longsword Longsword.gif51 gp
Mace Mace.gif30 gp
Morning Star Morning Star.gif100 gp
Orcish Axe Orcish Axe.gif350 gp
Plate Armor Plate Armor.gif400 gp
Plate Legs Plate Legs.gif115 gp
Plate Shield Plate Shield.gif45 gp
Rapier Rapier.gif5 gp
Sabre Sabre.gif12 gp
Scale Armor Scale Armor.gif75 gp
Short Sword Short Sword.gif10 gp
Sickle Sickle.gif3 gp
Small Axe Small Axe.gif5 gp
Soldier Helmet Soldier Helmet.gif16 gp
Spear Spear.gif3 gp
Spike Sword Spike Sword.gif240 gp
Steel Helmet Steel Helmet.gif293 gp
Steel Shield Steel Shield.gif80 gp
Studded Armor Studded Armor.gif25 gp
Studded Club Studded Club.gif10 gp
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet.gif20 gp
Studded Legs Studded Legs.gif15 gp
Studded Shield Studded Shield.gif16 gp
Swampling Club Swampling Club.gif40 gp
Sword Sword.gif25 gp
Throwing Knife Throwing Knife.gif2 gp
Two Handed Sword Two Handed Sword.gif450 gp
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet.gif66 gp
Viking Shield Viking Shield.gif85 gp
War Hammer War Hammer.gif470 gp
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield.gif5 gp