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Sirik.gif NPC Sirik
Este NPC é Guarda
Jogador: hi

Jogador: name
Sirik: I AM A BARBARIAN! Names are of no concern during work!! If somebody is calling for help, I will come.
Jogador: job
Sirik: It's my duty to protect Svargrond and its citizens.
Jogador: mission
Sirik: The shamans still have something to do for you. You should go to Nibelor and talk to them if you haven't been there for a while.
Jogador: Nibelor
Sirik: It's a sacred place for us! Our shamans live there. Ask Iskan if you want to go there.
Jogador: Iskan
Sirik: He is the leader of the dog sled. Last time I saw him he was with his dogs on the shelf ice north of the harbour.
Jogador: shelf
Sirik: West of Svargrond is the Fimbul Ice Shelf, Nibelor and Grimlund are embedded in shelf ice, and in the north of Hrodmir are several small shelf ice fields.
Jogador: Fimbul
Sirik: Fimbul Shelf is the name of the big shelf ice west of Svargrond. A good spot to go ice fishing.
Jogador: Grimlund
Sirik: Stay away from there! It's the home of the chakoyas.
Jogador: Hrodmir
Sirik: This big, icy rock you're standing at right now. The raiders live in the middle and south of the big Formorgar glacier.
Jogador: sled
Sirik: You can ask Iskan to bring you with his Dog Sled to Nibelor.
Jogador: magic ou fruids
Sirik: I heard Nelly talking about runes and fluids. Ask her.
Jogador: Nelly
Sirik: She is the post office clerk. Follow the moaning and you will find her.
Jogador: spells
Sirik: That is a little too general. For what kind of profession do you need spells?
Jogador: paladin
Sirik: You have to look for Hawkyr.
Jogador: Hawkyr
Sirik: He is the paladin trainer. You find him near the arena.
Jogador: knight
Sirik: You have to look for Thorwulf.
Jogador: Thorwulf
Sirik: He is the trainer for knights. You find him near the arena.
Jogador: sorcerers
Sirik: You have to look for Romir.
Jogador: Romir
Sirik: He is an old hermit who lives in a hut on the elevated plain north of Svargrond . He is some kind of male witch, you know what I mean? ...
Sirik: He knows magic and all that. Maybe he teaches his knowledge to others.
Jogador: Nor
Sirik: Mhmmm, Nor? Nobody with that name lives here in Svargrond. Maybe he is one of the southerners that came here.
Jogador: druids
Sirik: You have to look for Hjaern.
Jogador: Hjaern
Sirik: He is one of our shamans and trainer for druids. He lives on Nibelor.
Jogador: trainer
Sirik: The guild masters for paladins and knights are at the arena, the shamans on Nibelor surely can teach druids new things ...
Sirik: and Romir the old hermit who lives in a cave north of Svargrond may have some knowledge concerning magic.
Jogador: city
Sirik: Svargrond is the only city here. Do you want to know where to find a shop, a trainer for a profession or a guildhall?
Jogador: guildhall
Sirik: In the city you will find three guildhalls. Frost Manor is on top of the cliff ...
Sirik: Crystal Glance is north of the depot at the street which leads to the arena and Mammoth Belly is to the south, near the furrier quarter.
Jogador: arena
Sirik: If you think you are strong enough, then try to fight there. You have to challenge waves of monsters that get stronger and stronger. ...
Sirik: The entrance to the arena is a stairway north of the town, left of the town gate.
Jogador: Ferumbras
Sirik: Wait, wait! Don't say a word, it's, it's ...
Sirik: that very small guy with the hairy feet? No?
Jogador: Excalibug
Sirik: I would love to have that legendary weapon. If you find it, bring it to me!
Jogador: news
Sirik: I am busy. Please ask the citizens for news.
Jogador: bye

Sirik.gif NPC Sirik
Este NPC é Guarda
Localização: Svargrond, oeste do barco, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 8.0 (26 de junho de 2007)
Notas: Sirik é um Barbarian. Ele protege a cidade de perigos. Fale com ele sobre a cidade e alguma loja que ele fala para onde você deve ir.
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