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Oswald.gif NPC Oswald
Este NPC é Roleplay
Jogador: hi

Oswald: Oh, hello Player. What is it?

Jogador: news
Oswald: Oswald: You know a rumour? TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!

Jogador: aruda
Oswald: She's a little witch, trust me. She used to be the girlfriend of this evil Partos some time ago.

Jogador: hi
Oswald: Oh, hello Player. What is it?

Jogador: gods
Oswald: I think the gods are too busy to care about us mortals, hmm... that makes me feel godlike, too.

Jogador: job ou important
Oswald: I am honored to be the assistant of the great, the illustrious, the magnificent Durin!

Jogador: assistant
Oswald: I have a job of great responsibility, mostly I keep annoying persons away from my boss.

Jogador: annoying
Oswald: You better don't ask, you wouldn't like the answer.

Jogador: king
Oswald: Ah, yes, yes, hail to King Tibianus! Long live the king and so on...

Jogador: magic
Oswald: I overheard a conversation of officials, that magic will be forbidden soon.

Jogador: name
Oswald: My name is Oswald, but let's proceed, I am a very busy man.

Jogador: sell
Oswald: Hey, I am not a shopkeeper, I am an important man!

Jogador: time
Oswald: It is nearly tea time, so please hurry!

Jogador: weapon
Oswald: It's rumoured that Sam does not forge all weapons himself, but buys them from his cousin, who is married to a cyclops.

Jogador: dungeon
Oswald: If you want to see dungeons just don't pay your taxes.

Jogador: Excalibug
Oswald: It's beyond all doubt that certain sinister elements in our city have certain knowledge about this myth.

Jogador: Necromants Nectar
Oswald: You are not the first one to ask about that. Am I the only one that preferes wine to such disgusting stuff?

Jogador: Benjamin
Oswald: What do you expect from ex-soldiers? He is nuts! Hacked on the head far too often.

Jogador: Bozo
Oswald: Isn't he the artist formerly known as the prince?

Jogador: Chester Kahs
Oswald: I never found any rumour concerning him, isn't that odd?

Jogador: Elane
Oswald: They say she killed over a dozen husbands already.

Jogador: Gamel
Oswald: This man lives in the darkness like a rat and is also as handsome as one of them. He surely is up to no good and often consorts with sinister strangers.

Jogador: sinister strangers
Oswald: Just last week a one eyed man, who had a room at Frodo's, met him in the middle of the night.

Jogador: Gorn
Oswald: He sells his scrolls far too expensive.

Jogador: Gregor
Oswald: I was told he lost a body part or two in duels... if you know what I mean.

Jogador: Muriel
Oswald: He is rumoured to summon kinky demons to... well you know.

Jogador: rumours
Oswald: You know a rumour? TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!

Jogador: anything
Oswald: Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating!

Jogador: Quentin
Oswald: I heard he was a ladies' man in younger days. In our days he is rumoured to wear women clothes now and then.

Jogador: Sam
Oswald: A simple shopkeeper with minor intelligence.

Jogador: Goshnar
Oswald: They say he isn't truly dead. He was... or is a necromant after all.

Jogador: Lugri
Oswald: Some say he is Ferumbras in disguise.

Jogador: Partos
Oswald: What a shame. He claimed to be the king of thiefs and was caught stealing some fruit.

Jogador: Durin
Oswald: Just between you and me, he can be quite a tyrant.

Jogador: monsters
Oswald: AHHHH!!! WHERE??? WHERE???

Jogador: bye

Oswald: Finally!
Oswald.gif NPC Oswald
Este NPC é Roleplay
Localização: Thais, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Oswald é o assistente do ilustre Durin. Ele deve prevenir que as pessoas não incomodem Durin e é bastante vago em suas explicações. Boatos dizem que Durin controlou as ações de Ferumbras por um bom tempo.

Oswald espalha falsos rumores, e é um pouco detestado pelos outros cidadãos de Thais.

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