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Muriel.gif NPC Muriel
Este NPC é Sorcerer Guild Leader
Jogador: hi

Muriel: Greetings, Player! Looking for wisdom and power, eh?
Jogador: job
Muriel: I am the second sorcerer. I am selling spellbooks and spells.
Jogador: sorcerer
Muriel: A sorcerer spends his lifetime studying spells to gain power.
Jogador: power
Muriel: Of course, power is the most important thing in the universe.
Jogador: king ou Tibianus
Muriel: The king is a patron of the arcane arts.
Jogador: arcian
Muriel: Arcian was a childhood friend of mine. We studied the art of sorcery together but later, our ways parted ...
Muriel: Whereas I stayed here to instruct young new sorcerers, he devoted his life to his own studies ...
Muriel: Since his experiments tended to become a bit dangerous and he wanted to further explore a magic phenomenon he discovered in the Plains of Havoc anyway, he moved there and took his wife and his two assistants with him ...
Muriel: We stayed in contact for a while and he maintained a one-way teleporter to the academy. As I was missing any message from him for some time, I travelled to the plains to learn what might have happened ...
Muriel: I found the house overrun by ghouls, and no living soul. I have to assume that those ghouls have killed them and dragged everyone in their lairs. I left as soon as I could ...
Muriel: I wouldn't have wanted to see what they've done to my old friend. It's a sad story indeed.
Jogador: laira
Muriel: Laira was the wife of my childhood friend Arcian. She was a warm and caring person. I hope she had not to suffer for long as ... she was killed by the undead. Sorry, I don't want to speak about that matter anymore.
Jogador: porgol
Muriel: Porgol was a quite bright student, although a bit overambitious. I was surprised when he agreed to accompany my friend Arcian to the Plains of Havoc to support him in his studies ...
Muriel: I was quite sure he'd rather study at the Edron academy instead. But sometimes people surprise one in a positive way. All the more it is tragic he found his death in this assault of undead on Arcian's house.
Jogador: news
Muriel: Our guild is working on a new spell, but I won't give away any details yet.
Jogador: name
Muriel: You may call me Muriel.
Jogador: spell
Muriel: Sorry, I only sell spells to sorcerers. (se o jogador não for sorcerer)
Muriel: I can teach you rune spells and instant spells. What kind of spell do you wish to learn? You can also tell me for which level you would like to learn a spell, if you prefer that. (se o jogador for sorcerer)
Jogador: time
Muriel: Time is unimportant.
Jogador: Ferumbras
Muriel: I wonder how he actually got these awesome powers.
Jogador: Bozo
Muriel: He's not a jester but a poor joke himself.
Jogador: Elane
Muriel: She is quite proud of her puny magic tricks.
Jogador: Frodo
Muriel: A bar is no place that suits a scholar like me.
Jogador: Gregor
Muriel: Knights! Childs with swords. Not worth of any attention.
Jogador: Lungelen
Muriel: She keeps the whole wisdom of our ancestors and leads our guild.
Jogador: Lynda
Muriel: Pretty and compentent.
Jogador: McRonald
Muriel: Simple farmers.
Jogador: Muriel
Muriel: I don't like jokes about my name!
Jogador: Quentin
Muriel: He has some minor magic powers.
Jogador: Sam
Muriel: A simple smith.
Jogador: Xodet

Muriel: He has our permission to sell mana fluids.
Muriel.gif NPC Muriel
Este NPC é Sorcerer Guild Leader
Localização: Thais, na Sorcerer's Avenue, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Em seu shop, existem alguns pisos que só permitem que Sorcerers passem por eles.

Ele costumava vender Fireball antes do update de inverno 2007, depois da atualização, Fireball tornou-se premium. Além disso, em um quadro negro está escrito que você pode comprar um Spellbook, basta pedir a ele e poderá comprar por 160gps.
Muriel escreveu os seguintes livros:

Ele é mencionado em uma carta que era para ser enviado a ele, mas o remetente morreu na Plains of Havoc.

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Itens negociáveis:
Vende: Magias
Magia Level Custo
Magic Patch1Grátis
Apprentice's Strike8Grátis
Find Person880 gp
Light Healing8Grátis
Cure Poison10150 gp
Great Light13500 gp
Magic Shield14450 gp
Fire Wave18850 gp
Intense Healing20350 gp
Creature Illusion231 000 gp
Summon Creature252 000 gp
Great Energy Beam291 800 gp
Ultimate Healing301 000 gp
Invisible352 000 gp
Energy Wave382 500 gp

Magias para fazer runas:

Magia Level Custo
Poison Field Rune14300 gp
Light Magic Missile Rune15500 gp
Fire Field Rune15500 gp
Destroy Field Rune17700 gp
Energy Field Rune18700 gp
Stalagmite Rune241 400 gp
Heavy Magic Missile Rune251 500 gp
Fire Bomb Rune271 500 gp
Poison Wall Rune291 600 gp
Great Fireball Rune301 200 gp
Explosion Rune311 800 gp
Fire Wall Rune332 000 gp
Energy Wall Rune412 500 gp
Sudden Death Rune453 000 gp
Compra: Nada.