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Gamon.gif NPC Gamon
Este NPC é Comerciante de Móveis, Comerciante de Instrumentos
(nota: palavras sublinhadas são erros de ortografia e pode ser corrigida pela Cipsoft)

Jogador: hi
Gamon: Nice to meet you, Mister Player! Looking for furniture? You've come to the right place!

Jogador: artist
Gamon: Yes! Selling is a form of art! The elaborate combination of rhetoric and acting which serves to create a sublime longing for the infinite, embodied by second class furniture.

Jogador: job
Gamon: I am Thais's foremost furniture salesman.

Jogador: furniture
Gamon: I sell statues, tables, chairs, flowers, pillows, pottery, instruments, decoration, tapestries and containers.

Jogador: quality
Gamon: Our furniture is produced by the finest carpenters on the continent using the rare wood of the Venorean marsh willow!

Jogador: marsh willow
Gamon: You can't get any better wood in this world. And it has got a nice smell to it, too. There is nothing nicer than a marsh willow campfire.

Jogador: king
Gamon: His Royal Highness will start to appreciate the superior quality of our stock soon enough!

Jogador: name
Gamon: My friends call me Gamon. My fans call me the incredible Gammy!

Jogador: quest
Gamon: A quest?! Who needs quests when there is interior decorating!

Jogador: smiling
Gamon: Yes! Smiling! How a professional sales artist such as myself is supposed to work in such an atmosphere is beyond me!

Jogador: Tibia
Gamon: Tibia is a wonderful place full of business opportunities.

Jogador: time
Gamon: Any time's a good time to buy some furniture.

Jogador: twins
Gamon: Ah, those twins. Strange people they are (*sigh*). Oh, they are great work with, of course. Excellent quality, competetive prices! But well... (whispers) they give me creeps!

Jogador: watching
Gamon: Look! They are doing it again! And they are always smiling!

Jogador: castle
Gamon: I've said it a thousand times! That place needs a complete refurbishing!

Jogador: Thais
Gamon: Thais is obsessed with its past. Everybody here is so proud of their history. Bah! Thais might have a long history, but it has no idea when it comes to interior decoration.

Jogador: Venore
Gamon: The place where it all happens. That town really rocks! Thais could learn a lot about interior decoration from Venore!

Jogador: bye

Gamon: You'll come back. They all do.
Gamon.gif NPC Gamon
Este NPC é Comerciante de Móveis, Comerciante de Instrumentos
Localização: Thais, loja ao nordeste (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Negocia apenas com jogadores que possuam Premium Time. Vende Wooden Stake falando a ele (apenas se você já ter iniciado a The Blessed Stake Quest), por 5 000 gp.
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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Amphora Amphora.gif4 gp
Armor Rack Armor Rack.gif90 gp
Barrel Barrel.gif12 gp
Big Table Big Table.gif30 gp
Birdcage Birdcage.gif50 gp
Blue Bed Blue Bed.gif80 gp
Blue Pillow Blue Pillow.gif25 gp
Blue Tapestry Blue Tapestry.gif25 gp
Bookcase Bookcase.gif70 gp
Box Box.gif10 gp
Canopy Bed Canopy Bed.gif200 gp
Chest Chest.gif10 gp
Chimney Chimney.gif200 gp
Coal Basin Coal Basin.gif25 gp
Crate Crate.gif10 gp
Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock.gif40 gp
Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers.gif18 gp
Dresser Dresser.gif25 gp
Empty Goldfish Bowl Empty Goldfish Bowl.gif50 gp
Flower Bowl Flower Bowl.gif6 gp
Globe Globe.gif50 gp
Goblin Statue Goblin Statue.gif50 gp
God Flowers God Flowers.gif5 gp
Green Bed Green Bed.gif80 gp
Green Cushioned Chair Green Cushioned Chair.gif40 gp
Green Pillow Green Pillow.gif25 gp
Green Tapestry Green Tapestry.gif25 gp
Harp Harp.gif50 gp
Heart Pillow Heart Pillow.gif30 gp
Honey Flower Honey Flower.gif5 gp
Indoor Plant Indoor Plant.gif8 gp
Knight Statue Knight Statue.gif50 gp
Large Amphora Large Amphora.gif50 gp
Locker Locker.gif30 gp
Minotaur Statue Minotaur Statue.gif50 gp
Orange Tapestry Orange Tapestry.gif25 gp
Oven Oven.gif80 gp
Pendulum Clock Pendulum Clock.gif75 gp
Piano Piano.gif200 gp
Picture (Landscape) Picture (Landscape).gif50 gp
Picture (Portrait) Picture (Portrait).gif50 gp
Picture (Still Life) Picture (Still Life).gif50 gp
Piece of Royal Satin Piece of Royal Satin.gif200 gp
Potted Flower Potted Flower.gif5 gp
Purple Tapestry Purple Tapestry.gif25 gp
Red Bed Red Bed.gif80 gp
Red Cushioned Chair Red Cushioned Chair.gif40 gp
Red Pillow Red Pillow.gif25 gp
Red Tapestry Red Tapestry.gif25 gp
Rocking Chair Rocking Chair.gif25 gp
Rocking Horse Rocking Horse.gif30 gp
Round Blue Pillow Round Blue Pillow.gif25 gp
Round Purple Pillow Round Purple Pillow.gif25 gp
Round Red Pillow Round Red Pillow.gif25 gp
Small Round Table Small Round Table.gif25 gp
Round Turquoise Pillow Round Turquoise Pillow.gif25 gp
Small Blue Pillow Small Blue Pillow.gif20 gp
Small Green Pillow Small Green Pillow.gif20 gp
Small Orange Pillow Small Orange Pillow.gif20 gp
Small Purple Pillow Small Purple Pillow.gif20 gp
Small Red Pillow Small Red Pillow.gif20 gp
Small Table Small Table.gif20 gp
Small Turquoise Pillow Small Turquoise Pillow.gif20 gp
Small White Pillow Small White Pillow.gif20 gp
Sofa Chair Sofa Chair.gif55 gp
Square Table Square Table.gif25 gp
Table Lamp Table Lamp.gif35 gp
Telescope Telescope.gif70 gp
Treasure Chest (Ornamented) Treasure Chest (Ornamented).gif1 000 gp
Trophy Stand Trophy Stand.gif50 gp
Trough Trough.gif7 gp
Large Trunk Large Trunk.gif10 gp
Vase Vase.gif3 gp
Venorean Cabinet Venorean Cabinet.gif90 gp
Venorean Drawer Venorean Drawer.gif40 gp
Venorean Wardrobe Venorean Wardrobe.gif50 gp
Wall Mirror (Edged) Wall Mirror (Edged).gif40 gp
Wall Mirror (Oval) Wall Mirror (Oval).gif40 gp
Wall Mirror (Round) Wall Mirror (Round).gif40 gp
Water Pipe Water Pipe.gif40 gp
Weapon Rack Weapon Rack.gif90 gp
White Tapestry White Tapestry.gif25 gp
Wooden Chair Wooden Chair.gif15 gp
Yellow Bed Yellow Bed.gif80 gp
Yellow Pillow Yellow Pillow.gif25 gp
Yellow Tapestry Yellow Tapestry.gif25 gp
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