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The First Dragon (NPC).gif NPC The First Dragon (NPC)
Este NPC é Roleplay
Jogador: hi

The First Dragon: Hello, my sparring buddy. We should have another fight sometimes. I think you may have earned a little reward.

Jogador: fight
The First Dragon: Even in retirement I sometimes succumb to the temptation of sweet battle. Fighting was so different back in the old times. You can read about it in my memoirs. There should be a copy lying here somewhere.

Jogador: retirement
The First Dragon: When you are young, you are much more tolerant towards the burden of life. At a certain age even a dragon will start to think about if things will go on forever. ...
The First Dragon: Eventually there comes a time when you decide all the hassle isn't worth it anymore and you decide to concentrate on the finer things life has to offer.

Jogador: dragon
The First Dragon: The day might come on which dragons will rule the world again. ...
The First Dragon: But dragons are not what they used to be. Things have changed, some even for the better.

Jogador: better
The First Dragon: To be honest, flying over the countryside, breathing fire and spreading terror is quite fun for a century or two. However, after a while it all gets a bit stale. Admittedly, before I learnt your language, I had no idea about you humans.

Jogador: terror
The First Dragon: Ah come on, it was a good spirited terror. It was even inspiring. ...
The First Dragon: If it were not for dragons like me, you probably still had no good weapons and armors. It is very likely that you would not even live in cities.

Jogador: language
The First Dragon: I learnt the human language by a whim of fate. I kept some humans captive for a while for my amusement. ...
The First Dragon: After a while I began to wonder if the noise they made had an actual meaning. I was quite amazed to learn about your short lives and your ridiculous civilization. ...
The First Dragon: I had so many laughs about your hilarious and ignorant antics, I even developed some kind of sympathy for you.

Jogador: human
The First Dragon: Your lives are so short and meaningless and yet you are here! And as a race you even have your own history and remember things with the help of books, which amazes me.

Jogador: books
The First Dragon: Your books are an amazing thing. Draconic glyphs are so different. ...
The First Dragon: They are not only more complicated but also more specific. A single word which always keeps the same meaning is astonishingly effective in its primitive way. ...
The First Dragon: It helps you to conserve thoughts, stories and history and to share them with others - a concept I really appreciate. ...
The First Dragon: Books are a wonderful invention. If you are ever tired of your heroic exploits, take the time to read one.

Jogador: concept
The First Dragon: I like the idea of books so much that I acquired a human servant to record my memoirs. You find a copy somewhere in my lair.

Jogador: memoirs
The First Dragon: I dictated my memoirs to a human servant. I like the idea to share my thoughts and memories with humanity with the help of a book. ...
The First Dragon: You are my greatest fans after all. ...
The First Dragon: If it becomes popular, I might consider an orcish translation or even one in bonelord language. ...
The First Dragon: By the way, it's a funny story how I learnt the bonelord language. However, I saved it for a possible part two of my memoirs.

Jogador: invention
The First Dragon: Being powerful creatures themselves, dragons had no need for inventions. ...
The First Dragon: However, now that times have changed and the pressure increases, even my kin might slowly start to change in order to adapt.

Jogador: adapt
The First Dragon: Well, surely some of my kin might whine and complain as they always do. ...
The First Dragon: You have no idea how backwards thinking some dragons can be. A few are even still idealising the times before the mists.

Jogador: mists
The First Dragon: There was a time before the gods cast the mists of healing over the world. At that time the dragons ruled and burnt the world. ...
The First Dragon: In hindsight I'm not too proud of this. This was some kind of juvenile bullying.

Jogador: world
The First Dragon: The world has changed so much; I'm beginning to feel really old. People have changed, the face of the world has changed, even the laws of nature are no longer the same. ...
The First Dragon: I think it is the greatest advantage of you 'humans' to be more flexible and adaptable.

Jogador: hassle
The First Dragon: I really enjoy a good fight now and then. ...
The First Dragon: A real pain, however, is the constant annoyance caused by tedious fights against adventurers with more healing pots than brain.

Jogador: finer
The First Dragon: The definition of finer things is different for a dragon than for a human. ...
The First Dragon: A young dragon appreciates diving into a lava pool, while an old dragon just can't stand to get rid of the 'lava' afterwards and prefers bathing in boiling water.

Jogador: times
The First Dragon: Times have changed <sigh>. In the past dragons were feared and respected. Only the demons rivalled our notoriety.

Jogador: demons
The First Dragon: Those upstarts! I wonder why would anyone care about them. They lack our style. For them it is all about brute force and showing-off.

Jogador: style
The First Dragon: Breathing fire is an art! Instead of setting everything on fire, you exhale a cone of fire to give a worthy opponent a chance to avoid it.

Jogador: worthy
The First Dragon: To be honest, the first dragon hunters weren't worthy. ...
The First Dragon: They used weaknesses to their advantage. It took some time before a dragon could be killed in a fair fight.

Jogador: weaknesses
The First Dragon: The first awoken dragons were quite disoriented when leaving the mists and re-entering reality. ...
The First Dragon: This led to certain vulnerabilities. However, the dragons overcame such shortcomings quickly and soon took their rightful place in the food chain, so to say.

Jogador: fair
The First Dragon: Admittedly, in the old days, dragons were not really clever. Did you know that some of them actually tried to use weapons to fight? ...
The First Dragon: Of course they were untrained and fought even worse than without them. Some, however, managed to squeeze themselves into an armor and became indeed somewhat tougher.

Jogador: tougher
The First Dragon: Of course other creatures thought that wearing an armor must be a good idea if even dragons do something like that. So they tried the same. ...
The First Dragon: Of course, it was a complete mess and caused all kinds of problems and unwanted effects.

Jogador: reward
The First Dragon: Have a look at the chests over there. Feel free to take the things you find within. You know, gold, gems and the like. There's also a garment I'm storing here for a while. As it doesn't fit me I have no need for it. ...
The First Dragon: But it might be a nice outfit for a little human. You also can take the porcelain mask and the feathers. There's a wizard named Muriel in Thais who reportedly embellishes outfits with stuff like this.

Jogador: first
The First Dragon: Yes, I was the first one. However, in the pictures from olden times, I look different than I do today. I hate my old looks. ...
The First Dragon: What was I thinking? Always those heroes for lunch, dozens of them. Most of them I devoured quite hastily and we all know how fat one gets from fast food.

Jogador: thais
The First Dragon: Oh, this city has prospered by my sheer presence. When I arrived it was more of a hamlet with a few houses and shops. ...
The First Dragon: Good old Thais! That brings back some fond memories - the terror, those screams! I had a fun time in my good old lair. ...
The First Dragon: Although when I visited my old lair recently, I had to ask myself how I had been able to stand that cold and humid hole. ...
The First Dragon: Back then, however, it was sufficient. Now my preferences are somewhat more sophisticated, though, and I'd never return there.

Jogador: carlin
The First Dragon: It is so obvious why Carlin became a rival to Thais. Pure dragon envy, I tell you! ...
The First Dragon: Back in my days, there was no Carlin at all. And Thais was nowhere as huge as today.

Jogador: ferumbras
The First Dragon: An upstart. Let's see if anyone still knows his name in a few hundred years.

Jogador: gods
The First Dragon: The rare times when the gods walked the land with their avatars took place before the first dragons arrived. ...

The First Dragon: I try my best not to ignore the gods and I hope they'll return the favour.

Jogador: tibia
The First Dragon: A world filled with so many interesting inhabitants, some good, some bad, some tasty, some not.

Jogador: excalibug
The First Dragon: Sigh. That would be the crown jewel of my hoard.

Jogador: bye

The First Dragon: Good bye, Jogador. Take care.
The First Dragon (NPC).gif NPC The First Dragon (NPC)
Este NPC é Roleplay
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