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Kizar.gif NPC Kizar
Este NPC é Roleplay
Jogador: hi

Kizar: Greetings, brave adventurer!
Jogador: dragon
Kizar: Yes he hired me as his butler so to say. He is a real pain sometimes and requires me to bath in hot water - along with loads of vegetables. However, he is also not worse than my boss before him.
Jogador: butler
Kizar: He has no unreasonable demands so the job is acceptable. Sometimes he's moody and some of his demands are strange, especially the deliveries he orders now and then. ...
Kizar: Well, rich and eccentric people are all the same, be they humans or dragons.
Jogador: job
Kizar: I'm kind of a butler of the First Dragon. I used to be a bard but I decided I needed a job change.
Jogador: bard
Kizar: Yes, I travelled from town to town to perform my songs - sometimes for the populace, sometimes for the nobility. But eventually it took its toll on me.
Jogador: toll
Kizar: There is always this pressure and the possibility of failure. Also, there is a good chance that people hold you - a travelling stranger - responsible for everything from weather to bad harvests.
Jogador: responsible
Kizar: I couldn't stand the pressure anymore and decided I'd prefer working for a dragon.
Jogador: deliveries
Kizar: The boss has some kind of agreement with the amazons of the Green Claw Swamp. They sent us all the goods we need.
Jogador: goods
Kizar: For a while they tried to train local wasps for deliveries, but later on they preferred to assign them to dragons.
Jogador: gods
Kizar: I just try not to upset the gods.
Jogador: ferumbras
Kizar: He was here as a visitor years ago. He left after a heated argument and never returned.
Jogador: excalibug

Kizar: I wouldn't be surprised if that old scaleface hid it somewhere in his secret lair.
Kizar.gif NPC Kizar
Este NPC é Roleplay
Localização: Dragon Lair (First Dragon), aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png
Notas: Ele é o mordomo do The First Dragon (NPC).
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