Queen Eloise

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Queen Eloise.gif NPC Queen Eloise
Este NPC é Rainha
Jogador: Hail Queen

Queen Eloise: I greet thee, my loyal subject.

Jogador: subject ou job
Queen Eloise: I am Queen Eloise. It is my duty to reign over this marvellous city and the lands of the north.

Jogador: Queen
Queen Eloise: I am the Queen, the only rightful ruler on the continent!

Jogador: city ou carlin
Queen Eloise: Isn't our city marvellous? Have you noticed the lovely gardens on the roofs?

Jogador: lands ou tibia
Queen Eloise: Soon the whole land will be ruled by women at last!

Jogador: women
Queen Eloise: We women try to bring justice and wisdom to all, even to males.

Jogador: mission ou quest
Queen Eloise: I will call for heroes as soon as the need arises again.

Jogador: heroes
Queen Eloise: We need the assistance of heroes now and then. Even males prove useful now and then.

Jogador: thais
Queen Eloise: They dare to reject my reign over them!

Jogador: druids ou Padreia
Queen Eloise: The druids of Carlin are our protectors and advisors. Their powers provide us with wealth and food.

Jogador: knight ou Trisha
Queen Eloise: The knights of Carlin are the bravest.

Jogador: paladins ou Legola
Queen Eloise: The paladins are great hunters.

Jogador: castle
Queen Eloise: It's my humble domain.

Jogador: gods
Queen Eloise: We honour the gods of good in our fair city, especially Crunor, of course.

Jogador: dungeons
Queen Eloise: Dungeons are places where males crawl around and look for trouble.

Jogador: sell
Queen Eloise: Sell? Your question shows that you are a typical member of your gender!(Para Homens) Ou I beg your pardon? A queen that sells things? Be serious!(Para Mulheres)

Jogador: enemies
Queen Eloise: Our enemies are numerous. We have to fight vile monsters and have to watch this silly king in the south carefully.

Jogador: monsters
Queen Eloise: Go and hunt them! For queen and country!

Jogador: Excalibug
Queen Eloise: A man's tale ... that means 'nonsense', of course.

Jogador: Ferumbras
Queen Eloise: He is the scourge of the whole continent!

Jogador: order
Queen Eloise: The order that Crunor gives the world is essential for survival.

Jogador: TBI
Queen Eloise: A disgusting organisation, which could be only created by men.

Jogador: Eremo
Queen Eloise: It is said that he lives on a small island near Edron. Maybe the people there know more about him.

Jogador: sewers
Queen Eloise: I don't want to talk about 'sewers'.

Jogador: shops
Queen Eloise: My subjects maintain many fine shops. Go and have a look at their wares.

Jogador: guilds
Queen Eloise: The four major guilds are the Knights, the Paladins, the Druids, and the Sorcerers.

Jogador: merchants
Queen Eloise: Ask around about them.

Jogador: time
Queen Eloise: Don't worry about time in the presence of your Queen.

Jogador: army
Queen Eloise: Ask one of the soldiers about that.

Jogador: evil
Queen Eloise: The forces of evil have a firm grip on this puny city to the south.

Jogador: minotaurs
Queen Eloise: They havn't troubled our city lately. I guess they fear the wrath of our druids.

Jogador: taxes
Queen Eloise: Our city is rich and prospering.

Jogador: reward
Queen Eloise: If you want a reward, go and bring me something this silly King Tibianus wants dearly!

Jogador: Lea
Queen Eloise: The sorcerers have a small isle for their guild. So if they blow something up it does not burn the whole city down.

Jogador: bye
Barbara: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! You may leave now!
Fenbala: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! You may leave now!

Queen Eloise: Farewell, Player
Queen Eloise.gif NPC Queen Eloise
Este NPC é Rainha
Localização: No Castelo de Carlin, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Honre a Rainha de Carlin. Ela tem o poder de promover dignos aventureiros. Não ofenda ela, ou as suas guardas irão atacar você, deixando você com 1 de vida. Para falar com ela, você deve usar a frase 'Hail Queen Eloise'.
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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Promotion Trans.gif20 000 gp
Compra: Nada.