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Chip.gif NPC Chip
Este NPC é Lenhador
Jogador: hi

Chip: Please don't keep me from my work.
Jogador: trade
Chip: If you have a piece of wood, I'd give you some money for it. I don't have much, but I'd appreciate your help.
Jogador: work
Chip: Shh... I don't really have a job. I need the wood I chop here, though.
Jogador: wood
Chip: Yeah, to be honest, it's not really my wood. It belongs to the queen. But what choice do I have?
Jogador: wueen
Chip: Sorry, but if you don't mind, let me go back to my chopping.
Jogador: queen
Chip: Queen Eloise from Carlin likely wouldn't approve. Be so kind to keep this little secret to yourself.
Jogador: choice
Chip: Those bandits have my wife and kids. If I don't bring wood, I don't know what they'll do. Hell, I'd even trade some with you if you had any.
Jogador: bandits

Chip: They hide somewhere near the Plains of Havoc. I've never seen their hideout, though, they just send me messages and tell me where to leave the wood.
Chip.gif NPC Chip
Este NPC é Lenhador
Localização: Fields of Glory, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 9.4 (14 de dezembro de 2011)

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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Wood Wood.gif50 gp