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Hercule.gif NPC Hercule
Este NPC é Juiz de Arena
Jogador: hi

Hercule: We both know you're here to fight hordes of monsters, so let's get to it. Just tell me if you're ready to fight or if you need me to explain something.
Jogador: explain
Hercule: I can give you details about how waves in the monster arena work and explain how to initiate a fight. I can also give you information on prizes and fees.
Jogador: waves
Hercule: First thing to know: dying here will not cost you anything, except the fee you need to pay for each match. You will keep all your experience, skills and loot. ...
Hercule: After a fight has been initiated by giving me the necessary details, a timer will be started. ...
Hercule: If you can survive all waves of monsters, you may receive a prize and earn a place in the hall of fame. ...
Hercule: The fight will be cancelled if the predetermined number of players for a fight does not show up in the anteroom. ...
Hercule: If a wave is in progress but players take too long and cannot finish all monsters within the time limit, the fight will be cancelled as well.
Jogador: initiate
Hercule: Every premium player can participate in the monster arena. To initiate the first wave, just talk to me and tell me if you want to play. ...
Hercule: If the arena is not occupied, you will then be able to tell me how many players will take part. You can also create solo matches.
Jogador: prizes
Hercule: Surviving a full battle over 10 waves will grant you a reward based on the difficulty level you have selected. Please talk to my assistant right next to the arena entrance for more information on how to claim your reward.
Jogador: fees
Hercule: Initiating a fight against monsters in the arena will require an entrance fee of 1000 gold. Please make sure to have enough money on your bank account before setting up a fight.
Jogador: job
Hercule: From time to time have to keep the creatures down here at bay. Most of the time, however, I see that they are in a good mood - why don't you setup a fight now...!
Jogador: name
Hercule: Name's Hercule. Since you obviously not yet experienced the legend that is me, I guess you're simply new here.
Jogador: fight
Hercule: Good, let's do battle. Remember that you can cancel a setup any time. Are you ready to assemble your team?
Jogador: bye

Hercule: Good fight, good night.
Hercule.gif NPC Hercule
Este NPC é Juiz de Arena
Localização: Arena PvE de Ankrahmun, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 10.94 (31 de maio de 2016)
Notas: É o responsável pela Arena PvE de Ankrahmun.
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