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Ahmet.gif NPC Ahmet
Este NPC é Comerciante de Ferramentas
Jogador: hi

Ahmet: Be mourned pilgrim in flesh. I'm selling general goods.
Jogador: offer ou buy ou wares
Ahmet: My inventory of general goods and is large, ask me for a trade to take a look.
Jogador: trade
Ahmet: Of course, just browse through my wares.
Jogador: name
Ahmet: I am the mourned Ahmet.
Jogador: job
Ahmet: Are you interested in being my private security slave ...er...officer?
Jogador: time
Ahmet: It would be foolish of me to tell you the time as you won't buy a watch then.
Jogador: carlin ou thais ou venore
Ahmet: The vain cities of the Tibian continent think they are at the centre of the universe. Little do they know about the wisdom of the Pharaoh.
Jogador: kazordoon ou dwarfs
Ahmet: We rarely see a traveller of the small folk here.
Jogador: Ab'Dendriel ou elves
Ahmet: Elves are a rare sight in our lands.
Jogador: tibia
Ahmet: The world is nothing but a sigil of death, a monument of decay. We have to attune to death to become one with the world.
Jogador: darashia
Ahmet: The foolishness of their ways will eventually spell their doom.
Jogador: darama
Ahmet: Life here is harsh, but only this way can we deny the temptations that might damage our Rah and our Uthun to our traitorous flesh.
Jogador: mission
Ahmet: I'm glad I don't require the help of anyone else than......ME.
Jogador: ankrahmun
Ahmet: Our city will endure the sands of the desert and the grinding teeth of time.
Jogador: Rah
Ahmet: The Rah could be called our soul.
Jogador: Uthun
Ahmet: The Uthun is that what we learn and remember.
Jogador: pharaoh
Ahmet: Blessed be the Pharaoh. He is our saviour. I hope that I will be chosen one day.
Jogador: bye

Ahmet: May enlightenment be your path, Jogador.
Ahmet.gif NPC Ahmet
Este NPC é Comerciante de Ferramentas
Localização: Em Ankrahmun, norte do depot, um andar acima, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Vende vários equipamentos.

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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Basket Basket.gif6 gp
Bottle Bottle.gif3 gp
Bucket Bucket.gif4 gp
Candelabrum Candelabrum.gif8 gp
Candlestick Candlestick.gif2 gp
Closed Trap Closed Trap.gif280 gp
Crowbar Crowbar.gif260 gp
Cup Cup.gif2 gp
Document Document.gif12 gp
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod.gif150 gp
Golden Backpack Golden Backpack.gif10 gp
Golden Bag Golden Bag.gif4 gp
Machete Machete.gif35 gp
Parchment (Yellow) Parchment (Yellow).gif8 gp
Pick Pick.gif50 gp
Plate Plate.gif6 gp
Present Present.gif10 gp
Rope Rope.gif50 gp
Scroll Scroll.gif5 gp
Scythe Scythe.gif50 gp
Shovel Shovel.gif50 gp
Torch Torch.gif2 gp
Oil Oil.gif20 gp
Watch Watch.gif20 gp
Water (Liquid) Water (Liquid).gif40 gp
Worm Worm.gif1 gp

Somente vendido durante uma quest.

Item Valor
Deed of Ownership Deed of Ownership.gif1 000 gp
Item Valor
Closed Trap Closed Trap.gif75 gp
Crowbar Crowbar.gif50 gp
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod.gif40 gp
Machete Machete.gif6 gp
Pick Pick.gif15 gp
Rope Rope.gif15 gp
Scythe Scythe.gif10 gp
Shovel Shovel.gif8 gp
Watch Watch.gif6 gp
Wooden Hammer Wooden Hammer.gif15 gp