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Rhargu.gif NPC Rhargu
Este NPC é Líder, Roleplay

Palavras-Chave Gerais

Jogador: Hi
Rhargu: Grr. Intruder!

Jogador: Name
Rhargu: I'm Rhargu.

Jogador: Job
Rhargu: I'm the leader of this werehyaena pack.

Jogador: Domizian
Rhargu: Sounds like a stupid lion name.

The Grimvale Quest

An Ancient Feud

Jogador: Curse / Undead
Rhargu: Go away or we'll eat you!

Rhargu's Demand

Após falar com Domizian.

Jogador: Curse / Undead
Rhargu: None of your business, the undead! On the other hand .. they haven't done so much for us. Gave us some talismans for our shamans. But no food! I asked for it. They never brought it. ...
Rhargu: If you bring me the food I wish for, I could end this. Or tell you how to end it. But you have to bring me a boar haunch, those are so tasty! And a hard-boiled hydra egg. Always wanted to try one. ...
Rhargu: Also, take this cask and fill it with salted cave rats. My favourite snack! At last, bring me five lion manes. Want to decorate my cave with them, grhrr.

Jogador: Haunch
Rhargu: My best guess? Hunt down a boar.

Jogador: Hydra Egg
Rhargu: Find a hydra, find its egg.

Jogador: Salted
Rhargu: Catch some cave rats and salt them. It's really that simple. Use a net or something, I don't care.

Jogador: Manes
Rhargu: Kill some lions and cut it off, huh.

Após realizar a missão.

Jogador: Mission
Rhargu: Do you have my food?

Jogador: Yes
Rhargu: Give me! And take this. A special torch, made of sandalwood. Burn down the bone shrine at the dragon skeleton with this torch. That will destroy the connection with the undead. ...
Rhargu: And I have a little reward for you. Take this cask. It's funny but smelly. You can have it.

Jogador: Bye

Rhargu: Yes, go away!
Rhargu.gif NPC Rhargu
Este NPC é Líder, Roleplay
Localização: Dentro das Hyaena Lairs, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png)
Adicionado: 12.40 (13 de julho de 2020)
Notas: Ela é líder das werehyaenas de Darashia.

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