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Knowledge Elemental.gif
Knowledge Elemental
Hearthp.png 10500 Pontos de Vida Armor Icon.gif 76 de Armadura
Xpbestiary.png 12600 Pontos de Experiência (18900 com bônus) Haste Icon.gif 230 de Velocidade
Charm.gif 50 Charms
Físico.png Poisoned Icon.gif Burning Icon.gif Cursed Icon.gif
100%Neutro a Físico 100%Neutro a Terra 100%Neutro a Fogo 120%Fraco a Morte
Electrified Icon.gif Dazzled Icon.gif Freezing Icon.gif Heal Icon.png
0%Imune a Energia 50%Forte a Sagrado 100%Neutro a Gelo 100%Neutro a Cura
Passa por:Fogo Energia Veneno
Imunidades: Energia Paralisia Invisibilidade
Ocorrência: Incomum
Dificuldade: São necessários 2 500 abates para completar esta criatura.
Dano Estimado: 1000+? hp por turno.
Habilidades: Corpo a corpo (0-550?).
Comportamento: É possível bloquear o respawn dessa criatura. Combate corpo a corpo e à distancia. Luta até a morte.
Localização: Secret Library.
Pode ser Puxado: Cross.png
Empurra Objetos: Tick.png
Adicionado: 11.80  (03 de julho de 2018)
Sons: "Did you know...fear can be smelled?".
Loot: Comum: 0-9 Platinum CoinsPlatinum Coin.gif, 0-6 Book PagesBook Page.gif, 0-8 Small AmethystsSmall Amethyst.gif, Glowing RunesGlowing Rune.gif, QuillQuill.gif, Silken BookmarkSilken Bookmark.gif.
Incomum: 0-6 Flash ArrowsFlash Arrow.gif, 0-5 Throwing StarsThrowing Star.gif, Crystal SwordCrystal Sword.gif, Energy RingEnergy Ring.gif, Guardian ShieldGuardian Shield.gif, Mana PotionMana Potion.gif, Ultimate Health PotionUltimate Health Potion.gif, Ultimate Mana PotionUltimate Mana Potion.gif, Wand of Cosmic EnergyWand of Cosmic Energy.gif, Wand of DecayWand of Decay.gif.
Some knowledge is so powerful it can't be contained within a single mind. Even if contained in specially created books, a bit of the knowledge always leaks out. It is said that even minor books leak their knowledge a little. If enough books in an area leak such knowledge, it interacts with other sublime knowledge in an area. Eventually the concentration of knowledge leads to the existence of what in lack of better terms is called a knowledge elemental. It is raw knowledge and power set free. It has only a mockery of sentience, truly no more than an irritating and misleading mirroring of knowledge fragments. The knowledge has only one purpose: to be known. Yet it's heavily fractured and raw, not fathomable to an ordinary mind at all. In their attempts to insert itself to others, the knowledge elemental becomes an aggressive threat, as it attempts are harmful and even lethal. The sudden outbursts of knowledge are disrupting and destructive, often taking the shape of spell-like effects. Magicians usually have to exorcise such manifested knowledge from their libraries. Given the relative commonness at certain areas, many libraries accept then as a given and rather use spells to ward them away from their bodies, instead of dispersing them. Though such wards are relatively complicated they are usually permanent and less of an effort than to fight knowledge manifestations again and again. As it occurs an area can only sustain a given number of knowledge elementals at all, so if one manifested another is highly unlikely. A place that could create more then a few knowledge elementals at a time, would have to contain absurdly high levels of knowledge and can be discarded to the realm of pure fantasy and wishful thinking of knowledge seekers and cultists.

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