Hunting for Tokens Quest

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Replicas de itens de fansites antigos.
Adventurers' Guild.
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Level: Premium: Dificuldade: Extras:
0 Cross.png Fácil
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Curta 1 jogador
Silver Raid Token.gif O NPC Jorge precisa de ajuda para juntar alguns Silver Raid Tokens em troca de itens únicos.

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Equipamento Necessário


Vá ate o NPC Jorge na Adventurers' Guild, ele vai lhe oferecer réplicas de antigos fansites itens
Os itens são:

Cada replica pode ser trocada por 20 Silver Raid Token.


Jogador: hi

Jorge: Hi there! You have surely come here because you have heard of me, and what a great replicating artist I am, right? ...
Jorge: Or could it be that you haven't heard of me? Anyway, I am always on the hunt for beautiful and rare items. Almost a collector, you could say. ...
Jorge: My grandfather taught me the art of carving and replicating. In my younger years I have also developed a knack for hunting. I once started to catalogue all the monsters in this world. ...
Jorge: So I resorted to copying interesting artefacts that were found inside all those monsters. Just look at my display here. They look just like the real ones, eh? ...
Jorge: Anyway, can you help me, please? You seem to be eager to fight against any monster that comes your way!
Jogador: yes
Jorge: Oh that is most wonderful! Thank you! Just ask me what I have in stock at any time, there is a certain exchange rate for every item!
Jogador: bye

Jorge: Take care!

Trocando as Token:

Jogador: hi

Jorge: Oh, you're back already? Have you found some raid tokens? Currently the only category of items I can replicate is: Thais museum souvenirs.
Jogador: souvenirs
Jorge: In this category I can offer you a Norseman doll, an abacus, a key of numerous locks, a friendship amulet, a mexcalibur sword, an orc shredder and a frozen heart. ...
Jorge: All listed souvenirs are at 20 silver raid tokens each. Which one of them do you want?
Jogador: ITEM
Jorge: Do you really want to buy the ITEM? Yes or no?
Jogador: yes

Jorge: Very well.