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Gnomincia.gif NPC Gnomincia
Este NPC é Comerciante
Jogador: hi

Gnomincia: A gnomish day to you my friend! What can I do for you?
Jogador: job ou do
Gnomincia: I am the right hand of Gnomeral so to speak and have an eye on things here. I also sell teleport crystals just in case you might be running low on stock. ...
Gnomincia: Of course that leaves a gnome with little spare time.
Jogador: Gnomeral
Gnomincia: He is the one who assigns missions to our Bigfoot members. You will find him roughly in the north west of the base. I'll mark him on your map.
Jogador: Bigfoot
Gnomincia: Ah, well that's a funny story ... somehow. When we planned to invite foreigners to join our ranks we did all what was gnomish possible to ensure their success. ...
Gnomincia: So we gathered supplies and equipment in advance. You might understand our surprise when we learned that our volunteers had ... well quite unexpected proportions and a completely ungnomish size!!! ...
Gnomincia: We could reuse the uniforms, though the new ones looked quite like patchwork in the end. Probably since they were patchwork! ...
Gnomincia: We could do absolutely nothing about the gnomish army boots that we had supplied though. You know, gnomish army boots are quite famous, well among us gnomes at least. ...
Gnomincia: However we could not reuse them in any way or resupply so many of them in time. So we dropped the idea entirely. ...
Gnomincia: But the word spread and soon our new recruits were known as the bigfoot. I know, I know, technically it should probably be bigfeet, but as an old gnomish saying goes: 'Take this, grammar!'
Jogador: spare time
Gnomincia: In my spare time I like mushroom gardening and playing resonating crystal hero with my friends.
Jogador: sell
Gnomincia: Have a look.
Jogador: crystals
Gnomincia: Crystals and their inherent magic are the source of gnomish power. By mastering the mysteries of the crystal the gnomish society has been able to defend itself. ...
Gnomincia: We utilize crystals, their light breaking capabilities and their resonances for a variety of purposes. ...
Gnomincia: The gnomish transport system for instance is based upon crystals that are brought to the exactly same resonance and then charged with light to supply the energy needed for the transport.
Jogador: mushroom
Gnomincia: It would take days for a gnome to make you even a bit accustomed to the wonderful world of fungi and mushrooms. There are thousands of species with hundreds of abilities and traits. ...
Gnomincia: Many of them need quite different habitats and treatment. The gnomish civilisation depends heavily on mushrooms as raw materials as well as sustenance.
Jogador: gnomes
Gnomincia: Gnomes were secretive for the most part of their existence. Hidden deep beneath the surface we survived the countless wars and catastrophes that ravaged the world. We fought our own valiant battles though. ...
Gnomincia: More than once gnomish society has been driven to the brink of extinction. Gnomes have fought countless battles against the beasts of the depths of the earth and races like the bone lords. ...
Gnomincia: Secrecy, unity and ingenuity have always been the best allies of us gnomes.!
Jogador: name
Gnomincia: I'm Gnomincia.
Jogador: bye

Gnomincia: Good bye and take care my friend. Don't forget the world is a dangerous and crazy place.
Gnomincia.gif NPC Gnomincia
Este NPC é Comerciante
Localização: Na Gnomebase Alpha (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 9.6 (11 de julho de 2012)
Notas: Ela anda por toda a Gnomebase Alpha, não tendo uma localização fixa.
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Item Valor
Teleport Crystal Teleport Crystal.gif150 gp