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Emperor Kruzak.gif NPC Emperor Kruzak
Este NPC é Imperador
Jogador: hail emperor

Emperor Kruzak: Hiho, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child.
Jogador: enemy
Emperor Kruzak: Well, only a dead enemy is a good enemy.
Jogador: god
Emperor Kruzak: Well, we honor Father Earth and Mother Fire. Some of us even follow the teachings of additional gods.
Jogador: time
Emperor Kruzak: Well, after some centuries I stopped to worry about time anymore.
Jogador: mission ou quest
Emperor Kruzak: Well, if you wander the world with open eyes, you will see the quests without asking.
Jogador: name
Emperor Kruzak: Well, I am Emperor Kruzak Dustbeard, son of Fire and Earth, second only to the gods, jawoll.
Jogador: sell
Emperor Kruzak: Well, what do you expect kings to sell?
Jogador: tibia ou lands
Emperor Kruzak: Well, the gods handed the lands over to the younger races, but my people will leave this word in dignity.
Jogador: castle
Emperor Kruzak: Well, our people need no castle, our home IS a fortress.
Jogador: dungeons
Emperor Kruzak: Well, there are a lot of dungeons in the lands, waiting to be explored by the daring ones.
Jogador: druids
Emperor Kruzak: Well, we have almost no druids in our town. If need arises we can call for them from Carlin.
Jogador: paladins
Emperor Kruzak: Well, we have some crossbowmen in our army but rely more on our knights.
Jogador: knights
Emperor Kruzak: Well, dwarfish knights are feared by our enemies in the whole world.
Jogador: heroes
Emperor Kruzak: Well, we dwarfs produced some of the greatest heroes of all times.
Jogador: monsters
Emperor Kruzak: Well, it's up to the younger ones to slay the beasts that roam the lands and the tunnels.
Jogador: Excalibug
Emperor Kruzak: Well, well, well, the godblade. A myth? Perhaps. Even in my youth, it was only a legend.
Jogador: TBI
Emperor Kruzak: Well, I don't think our southern allies have agents in our town.
Jogador: Ferumbras
Emperor Kruzak: Well, we are prepared even for him.
Jogador: order
Emperor Kruzak: Well, order is of great importance. Life has to follow rules, so do we.
Jogador: prepared
Emperor Kruzak: Well, we use all stocked resources of finest metal to craft weapons and armor, we train new warriors and spellcasters every day. ...
Emperor Kruzak: We give battle training to each citizen to enable them to better defend themselves and to form militia units in case of emergency. And we call in old favours and allies.
Jogador: Axe of Vengeance ou renegades
Emperor Kruzak: Well, the Axes of Vengeance were troublemakers even when they were few. Their reckless ways and boasting sadly impressed a lot of the young and easily gullible. ...
Emperor Kruzak: Stories of their mostly made-up exploits and lies lured some into their embrace, but it was not until the blight that they became popular and a threat thanks to their leader, Jarok Bilespit.
Jogador: Jarok Bilespit
Emperor Kruzak: Well, Jarok Bilespit was a mercenary. He did many questionable things for money. Especially dealing with non-dwarfs, although he usually was the first to express their disgust for them, when not taking their money, of course. ...
Emperor Kruzak: He gathered around him a number of drunkards and bullie’s of the worst sort, and founded the Axes of Vengeance fellowship, which was rather his private gang than a true fellowship. ...
Emperor Kruzak: They were usually travelling on contract, doing questionable missions and only returned to Kazordoon to boast about their made-up exploits and to spend their ill-begotten money with both hands. ...
Emperor Kruzak: This impressed certain people and gained him an undeserved reputation as a daring hero. ...
Emperor Kruzak: Though no week they were in town passed without one of them getting imprisoned for brawls, threats and destruction of property, especially younger dwarfs thought it would be cool to be one of them, and if not respected, then at least be feared. ...
Emperor Kruzak: When the blight struck, his easy explanations and pointless accusations stroke a cord in the minds of several individuals. I admit we did not see this coming and let him spread his phrases in the city. ...
Emperor Kruzak: We had other things to do and did not want more unrest by arresting some popular figure. With our attention elsewhere, Bilespit took advantage of the desperate and lured them into his ranks. ...
Emperor Kruzak: He was never the subtle type though, so it became quite clear what unspeakable treason he planed. ...
Emperor Kruzak: When he led his bunch of mercenaries and several drunks as some kind of meat-shield to dethrone me, we were prepared. We planned to take Bilespit down first to minimize casualties, but things got out of hand and there were many deaths on both sides. ...
Emperor Kruzak: With the order to keep presumably innocent casualties low, my guards fought very restricted, which could have led to their losing the battle. So we had to change orders to reduce our own casualties, and the fight turned very bloody and nasty. ...
Emperor Kruzak: Rumours spread through the city and others who thought they sympathized with Bilespit's cause joined the battles. ...
Emperor Kruzak: Still, we tried to keep casualties low; and as soon as we took certain strategic positions and gained the upper hand, most of the rebellious forces escaped. ...
Emperor Kruzak: Now they are hiding in the mine: Most of those mines are old and depleted of ore. They are overrun by all sorts of creatures such as the Lost. ...
Emperor Kruzak: So it made not much sense to send in troops that could not efficiently use their numbers and combat training in brawls within winding and narrow tunnels. We had to sent in troops to fight the advancing lost, though.
Jogador: lost
Emperor Kruzak: <sigh> Well, it saddens me to see what can become of a dwarf. They are truly lost. They are not ours any more, even if their ancestors once might have been. ...
Emperor Kruzak: Their dwarfish traits though make them fearsome fighters and the number in which their masters have bred them makes them a threat for anyone. ...
Emperor Kruzak: The worst thing is, if their masters did not seemingly consider the gnomes their major enemies, we would probably face even fiercer attacks. ...
Emperor Kruzak: It took our entire might to stop their last invasion force. Only when their leader Bloodtooth, a horrible thing that none of our experienced veterans had ever encountered before, was cut down, was the assault stopped. ...
Emperor Kruzak: Now the Lost are roaming the mines, and are still numerous and powerful enough to pose a threat. Meanwhile, we are regrouping and reorganizing in the hopes that we will be better prepared when the time of another assault comes.
Jogador: Carlin
Emperor Kruzak: Well we are at peace with Carlin and Thais.
Jogador: Edron
Emperor Kruzak: Well, it is a colony of this human king.
Jogador: Thais
Emperor Kruzak: Well we are at peace with Carlin and Thais.
Jogador: Elane
Emperor Kruzak: Well, the High Paladin is a woman that deserves respect. I admired most Elanes I met in my life.
Jogador: Emperor
Emperor Kruzak: Well, I am the emperor of the dwarfs and the oldest living dwarf, jawoll!
Jogador: old
Emperor Kruzak: Well, I don't want to talk about my age.
Jogador: Durin
Emperor Kruzak: Well, Durin is one of the celestial paladins, messenger of the gods. He is the protector of the dwarfish race.
Jogador: Noodles
Emperor Kruzak: WAAAH! Don't mention that beast! It was after the bones of our ancestors, last time King Tibianus visted us!
Jogador: justice
Emperor Kruzak: Well, justice is a difficult thing. Can one be just to all at once, and if not, to whom should he be just?
Jogador: army
Emperor Kruzak: Well, you better ask the general.
Jogador: bye

Emperor Kruzak: Farewell, Player, my child!
Emperor Kruzak.gif NPC Emperor Kruzak
Este NPC é Imperador
Localização: Kazordoon, 5 andares acima do depot, na sala do trono,(aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Seu nome completo é Kruzak Dustbeard, filho do Fire e Earth e ele mora no andar superior de Kazordoon. Emperor Kruzak, reina na montanha de dwarfs de Kazordoon, ele tem o poder de promover dignos aventureiros.
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