Deepling Outfits Quest

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Outfit Deepling Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Deepling Female Addon 3.gif
Deepling Outfits, Addons e Achievement.
Fiehonja em Quirefang.
Você enfrentará:
Todo os tipos de Deeplings e outras criaturas marinhas.
Level: Premium: Dificuldade: Extras:
(Recomendado: 150)
Tick.png Difícil
Youtube Favicon Grey.pngEssa quest não contém um spoiler em vídeo! Duração da QuestGrupo
Longa 3-10 jogadores
(2 blockers)
Navigator.gif O NPC Navigator e a população de Gray Islands tem uma recompensa para quem ajudar.

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Outfit Deepling Male.gif Outfit Deepling Female.gif



Essa missão pode ser feita em qualquer estágio da world change.

Existem duas formas de obter o Deepling Outfits, a primeira e mais fácil é comprar os livros no mercado, usá-los e falar com Spectulus, em Edron, após isso você ganhará o outfit.

Se por algum motivo você não quiser comprar os livros, você pode pegá-lo. Primeiro, você irá precisar de algumas Key to the Drowned Library (a quantidade depende da sua sorte), você pode consegui-las de Deepling Spellsinger ou comprando de outros jogadores.

Com a key em mãos, siga para fiehonja. Na área dos Deeplings, existem vários Seashell Bookcase, basta usar a chave nessas estantes. Existem 2 situações possíveis mostradas na imagem abaixo:


1: A chave irá quebrar e você não receberá nada.
2: A chave irá quebrar e você receberá um livro da Trilogia da Morte.

Você deve repetir o processo até obter os três livros. Após pegar os 3 livros, use-os para atualizar o seu Quest Log e vá até o Spectulus, em Edron. Entregue os livros falando hi, book, yes. Como recompensa, você receberá o Deepling Outfits.


Jogador: hi

Spectulus: Ah hello again Jogador! I still have one or two other missions for you. There are also some tasks someone needs to attend to.
Jogador: book
Spectulus: You found what? Well, you'll have to hand it over to me to help you with this, will you?
Jogador: yes
Spectulus: The first volume of the Book of Death. That must have been written in Lagatos's final days. A very dark tone underlies these writings. ...
Spectulus: Mh. Hm. He talks about a change, a transformation. Something has happened to the creatures of the deep that turned them towards war. ...
Spectulus: We need all three books if we want to unravel this mystery.
Jogador: book
Spectulus: You found another volume of the Book of Death? Well, I need to see this one. Will you give it to me?
Jogador: yes
Spectulus: The second volume of the Book of Death. It seems the Deeplings were indeed changed by an outside force of some kind. They turned against each other, started to suppress certain castes. ...
Spectulus: There is only one other book needed to unravel this mystery.
Jogador: book
Spectulus: You found another volume of the Book of Death? Well, I need to see this one. Will you give it to me?
Jogador: yes
Spectulus: The third volume of the Book of Death. Mmh, mh. So the 'blackness' found them. They rule the 'black void' - I assume the deeper parts of the sea - and they will 'conquer the surface'. ...
Spectulus: 'And they will walk the path of pain', also, 'they will be followed by a trail of blood' and finally, 'their work is cruel, their reward death'. It gets quite dark from there on, though. ...
Spectulus: Now that I have read all three books it is clear that an outside force, something unknown, was manipulating the Deeplings. ...
Spectulus: They were never the peaceful type but they would never deny the heir of their culture to take part in a full-scale war. ...
Spectulus: The oppression of the lesser Deeplings, destruction of knowledge, abandoning their libraries and cult sites - someone WANTED them to do all this. ...
Spectulus: Why? I don't know. What to do? I don't know either. I can, however, still help you as good as I can from here. ...
Spectulus: During my failed expedition, I also found some kind of armor. It was broken but I managed to complete it using some rare materials from my stock. ...

Spectulus: This thing is quite heavy but should work just perfectly underwater. I hope this will help you on your quest to find out what really is going on in these depths.

Addon 1

Outfit Deepling Male Addon 1.gif Outfit Deepling Female Addon 1.gif



Compre os itens ou faça a missão dos Deepling Guardians da Deepling World Change.

Com os itens em mãos, vá até o Rock Steady (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png) e fale hi, help, collect. Ele irá lhe contar que coleciona tudo que reflete a luz porém ele está entediado com a coleção dele e que não tem nada novo há anos, ele coleciona pérolas e conchas, porém, já possui muitas delas e pede para você trazer algo de valor.

Para entregar os itens fale: hi, collect, yes. Para cada item entregue você receberá 1000 de xp. Para pegar o Addon 1 fale collect mais uma vez.


Rock Steady.gif
Jogador: hi

Rock Steady: Need help? Or are you only here for some news. Either way, make it short.
Jogador: help
Rock Steady: If you want anything, you should talk to Old Rock Boy over there. I do collect stuff, though. So just ask if you're interested in helping me.
Jogador: collect
Rock Steady: I collect everything that reflects light in strange ways. However, I am bored by my collection. And there wasn't anything new to add for years. ...
Rock Steady: I like pearls for example - but I have already enough. I also like shells - but I can't even count how many I already own. ...
Rock Steady: If you find anything of REAL VALUE - bring it to me. I will reward you well. You don't already have something for me by chance?
Jogador: yes
Rock Steady: Great! Let me see. Amazing! I will take this, thank you!
Jogador: collect
Rock Steady: Have you got anything for me today?
Jogador: yes
Rock Steady: Great! Let me see. Amazing! I will take this, thank you!
Jogador: collect
Rock Steady: Have you got anything for me today?
Jogador: yes
Rock Steady: Great! Let me see. Amazing! I will take this, thank you!
Jogador: collect
Rock Steady: Have you got anything... what? You want what? A reward? HAHAHAHAAAA!! ...
Rock Steady: No I'm just teasing you. I'm really happy about my collection now. ...

Rock Steady: Well, I found some kind of weapon a long time ago. I believe it may be especially helpful underwater as it is from the deep folk. In any case it is of more use for you than it would be for me.

Addon 2

Outfit Deepling Male Addon 2.gif Outfit Deepling Female Addon 2.gif



Compre a Small Golden Anchor ou faça a missão Soul Net da Deepling World Change.

Durante o terceiro estágio de Fiehonja você terá acesso a um lugar com uma Golden Anchor, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png), use a Small Golden Anchor na Golden Anchor para poder ser transportado para a sala com o NPC Navigator.


Agora ele irá lhe dar um desafio na linguagem dos Deeplings. Fale hi, flou para ele começar a falar em inglês. Depois diga explain, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, helmet, yes, bye. Assim ele lhe entregará o Addon 2.

ATENÇÃO! Você também pode obter o Addon dizendo apenas helmet, yes, porém, o NPC irá pegar a Small Golden Anchor em troca.

  • Achievement.gif Após falar com o NPC Navigator pela primeira vez, você receberá o achievement "Navigational Error".
  • Achievement.gif Ao completar os dois addons você receberá o achievement "Spolium Profundis".



Método 1:

Jogador: hi

Jogador: flou
Navigator: Lhnjei gouthn naumpi! I know why you are here. I can explain everything.
Jogador: explain
Navigator: By entering this place, you have earned the right to learn what this is all about. This is a long story. Are you sure you want to hear this?
Jogador: yes
Navigator: I was once captain of a ship, the Skyflare. We were traders for King Tibianus and on our way home when we got into a storm. We fought hard to escape the cold grip of the sea. ...
Navigator: I myself did what I could to navigate the Skyflare out of this mess. They depended on me. Me, the navigator. And I succeeded. ...
Navigator: However, when the sea calmed down and the rain was finally gone, we recognised that our ship wouldn't move. It wasn't my fault. ...
Navigator: There was a strong gale and we could already see this island on the horizon. There were seagulls all around the Skyflare to lead us to dry land. But the ship did not move a single inch. It was NOT my fault. ...
Navigator: We dived under the bow and saw that it was stuck right on the tip of a sharp rock. The world below us was treacherous, we could see large underwater mountains and a labyrinthine system of caves and holes. ...
Navigator: Some of my men panicked and hijacked the dinghies to reach the island, others tried to swim. I remained on the ship. It was not my FAULT. It was not. ...
Navigator: Do you have enough, can I stop?
Jogador: no
Navigator: When none of my men returned, I forced myself to make a decision. Either dying on this dead ship or plunging into the liquid black beneath. ...
Navigator: In my desperation my thoughts fell onto a strange armor - a gift from a trader we dealt with just before the storm. Strange ornaments and fish-like elements decorated this armor. We thought it would fit just perfectly into the captain's cabin. ...
Navigator: He said something like a 'blessed breath' and 'to subdue the drift'. We thought he wanted to sell us worthless decoration and make it look interesting. If I had only listened to what he said. ...
Navigator: I figured that this thing would have something to do with diving or at least protect me from the icy water. I put it on, grabbed a shimmer glower from our storage to light my path and jumped in. ...
Navigator: Do you want me to go on?
Jogador: yes
Navigator: Hmpf. The armor was working. After some time I was surrounded by darkness and could only see as far as my shimmer glower would me allow to. But I didn't feel the cold - I could even breathe through that helmet. ...
Navigator: I dived into the deep black. Across rugged mountains, vast fields of kelp, swarms of strange fish. ...
Navigator: And then I laid my eyes on a creature I have never seen before. I now know that they call themselves Njey. You would call them the 'Creatures of the Deep' or 'Deeplings'. ...
Navigator: I am now convinced that when they first saw me descending in that suit with the light of the shimmer glower encompassing me, they took me for their God King Qjell. And that's when it all started to make sense. Don't you agree?
Jogador: yes
Navigator: Of course you do. And they did, too. They obeyed me. They adored me. They followed me. ...
Navigator: I learnt everything about their culture, their life, their goals and their problems. I found out about vile insect-like creatures inhabiting the surface of the island. And their waiting for the return of Qjell. ...
Navigator: I practically rewrote their history. I WAS THE SECOND COMING. I WAS QJELL. I, THE NAVIGATOR. ...
Navigator: And I navigated them out of their miserable lives. Away from their petty interests. I led them to a greater purpose - to form chaos out of order, to bring back the storm to the seas and to make THINGS MOVE. Do you want to hear the rest as well?
Jogador: yes
Navigator: I control EVERYTHING from this room, navigating the fate of this land for more than a century now. Can you see all these funnels? My voice travels through them and throughout everything down here! ...
Navigator: The stones on the beach? The trader up there? That was ME ALL THE TIME! I lured YOU into creating all this chaos up there and down here! ...

Navigator: You thought you could choose sides? Think again! I nearly led you into the destruction of two species! ME, THE NAVIGATOR! I CONTROL YOU, I OWN YOU! QJELL AFAR GOU JEY!

Método 2:

Jogador: helmet

Navigator: NAAAAARGH. If you promise to leave me alone and NOT TO TELL MY SECRET to anyone - you can have one. ...
Navigator: NO! Not the one I'm wearing. I am BOUND to this device. This suit has granted me a longer life. However, once you have spent a certain time with this - there is no turning back if you know what I mean. ...
Navigator: The armor will merge with your very body. Holding you captive, holding your life in its hands like a ransom. ...
Navigator: Using Deepling craft and various components from down here, I created several spare helmets - just in case this one gets damaged. If you return that small golden anchor to me, you can have one. Will you?
Jogador: yes
Jogador: bye

Navigator: Good bye, Jogador