The Way to Yalahar Quest

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Acesso à Yalahar e 500 gps.
Edron e Yalahar.
Você enfrentará:
Nenhum tipo de criatura.
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8 Tick.png Fácil
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Curta 1 jogador
Uma nova ilha foi descoberta e a Academia de Edron precisa de bravos guerreiros para explorá-la.

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Aviso: Esta quest fica organizada no artigo In Service of Yalahar Quest em seu Quest Log.




Jogador: hi

Wyrdin: Hello, what brings you here?
Jogador: mission
Wyrdin: There is indeed something that needs our attention. In the far north, a new city named Yalahar was discovered. It seems to be incredibly huge. ...
Wyrdin: According to travellers, it's a city of glory and wonders. We need to learn as much as we can about this city and its inhabitants. ...
Wyrdin: Gladly the explorer's society already sent a representative there. Still, we need someone to bring us the information he was able to gather until now. ...
Wyrdin: Please look for the explorer's society's captain Maximilian in Liberty Bay. Ask him for a passage to Yalahar. There visit Timothy of the explorer's society and get his research notes. ...

Wyrdin: It might be a good idea to explore the city a bit on your own before you deliver the notes here, but please make sure you don't lose them.
  • Ele vai mandar você ir até a cidade de Yalahar pegar alguns documentos com o representante local da Explorer Society utilizando o navio da Explorer Society de Liberty Bay. Você pode encontrar esse navio aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png. Peça para o Captain Max levar você até Yalahar.
  • Chegando lá, procure pelo NPC Timothy, ele fica bem no centro da cidade, em frente da torre onde você pode comprar poções, perto do Depot.
  • Pergunte a ele sobre as notas da pesquisa research notes. Ele vai entregar um documento com as informações de Yalahar e você deve entregá-las para Wyrdin em Edron.


Jogador: hi

Timothy: Oh, hello! It's a pleasure to see a visitor from the continent.
Jogador: research notes
Timothy: Oh, you are the contact person of the academy? Here are the notes that contain everything I have found out so far. ...
Timothy: This city is absolutely fascinating, I tell you! If there hadn't been all this trouble and chaos in the past, this city would certainly be the greatest centre of knowledge in the world. ...
Timothy: Oh, by the way, speaking about all the trouble here reminds me of Palimuth, a friend of mine. He is a native who was quite helpful in gathering all these information. ...
Timothy: I'd like to pay him back for his kindness by sending him some experienced helper that assists him in his effort to restore some order in this city. Maybe you are interested in this job?
Jogador: yes

Timothy: Excellent! You will find Palimuth near the entrance of the city centre. Just ask him if you can assist him in a few: missions.
  • Volte até Wyrdin e entregue as informações.


Jogador: hi

Wyrdin: Hello, what brings you here?
Jogador: research notes
Wyrdin: Do you have the papers I asked you for with you?
Jogador: yes
Wyrdin: Oh marvellous, please excuse me. I need to read this text immediately. Here, take this small reward of 500 gold pieces for your efforts.
Jogador: bye

Wyrdin: Good luck for your travels, jogador.
Para ir até Yalahar, você vai precisar usar esse mesmo navio da Explorer Society de Liberty Bay. Para usar os navios normais (Venore, Thais, Carlin, etc) você deve completar a quest Searoutes around Yalahar.