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Scrutinon.gif NPC Scrutinon
Este NPC é Guarda
Jogador: hi

Scrutinon: Jogador. I have been watching your fate for quite some time. It's about time you came here. Do you seek to enter the riven island of Quirefang or travel back from where you came?

Jogador: Quirefang, Gray ou Gray Beach
Scrutinon: This island is cleft. Go there only prepared or you will meet your end. The surface of this forgotten rock is a barren wasteland full of hostile creatures. ...
Scrutinon: Its visage is covered with holes and tunnels in which its leggy inhabitants are hiding. Its bowels filled with the strangest creatures, waiting to feast on whatever dares to disturb their hive. ...
Scrutinon: And you will find no shelter in Quirefang's black depths, where the creatures of the deep are fulfilling a dark prophecy. ...
Scrutinon: It is impossible to reach it by ship or boat. However, there was one before you. A visitor who found a way to enter the island.

Jogador: Visitor
Scrutinon: He travelled on the very ground to reach the hostile shores of Quirefang. He used something that turned the soil and carved a way to the island. ...
Scrutinon: You will need to follow his trail if you want to reach it.

Jogador: job
Scrutinon: I am waiting. Beyond time and ever watchful. And I expected you, traveller.

Jogador: bye

Scrutinon: I will see you again.
Scrutinon.gif NPC Scrutinon
Este NPC é Guarda
Localização: Gray Island, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 9.4 (14 de dezembro de 2011)
Notas: Tem a mesma aparência de Dark Mage Statue. Pode te tirar da ilha, enviando você de graça para: Ab'Dendriel, Darashia, Edron, Venore.
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